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Forsooth they entered to Raguel; and Raguel received them with joy. [Forsooth they went in to Raguel; and Raguel received them with joy.]

And Raguel beheld Tobias, and said to Edna, his wife, This young man is full like (or very like) my sister’s son. [And Raguel, beholding Tobias, said to Edna, his wife, How like is this young man to our aunt’s son.]

And when he had said these things, he said, Of whence be ye, young men, our brethren? And they said, We be of the lineage of Naphtali, of the captivity of Nineveh.

And Raguel said to them, Know ye Tobit, my brother? And they answered, We know him.

And when he spake many good things of (or about) Tobit, the angel said to Raguel, Tobit, of whom thou askest, is the father of this man (Tobias).

Then Raguel bowed down himself, and with tears he kissed Tobias, and he wept on his neck,

and said, My son, blessing be to thee; for thou art the son of a good and a full noble man. [said, Blessing be to thee, son (of) mine; for of (a) good and of the best man thou art the son.]

And Edna, his wife, and Sarah, their daughter, wept.

And after that they had spoken thus, Raguel commanded a wether (or a ram) to be slain, and a feast to be made ready. And when Raguel moved them to sit down to meat (or for the meal), [After forsooth that they had spoken, Raguel commanded a wether to be slain, and to be made ready a feast. And when he besought them to sit down to the meat,]

10 Tobias said, I shall not eat, neither drink here today, no but thou confirm first mine asking, and [thou] promise to give to me Sarah, thy daughter to (or for my) wife.

11 And when this word was heard, Raguel dreaded, witting (or knowing) what befelled to those seven men; and he began to dread, lest peradventure it should befall in like manner to this Tobias, [and he die]. And when he doubted, or mused in this manner, and gave none answer to the asker,

12 the angel said to him, Do not thou dread to give her to this man; for thy daughter oweth (or ought) to be given to this man dreading God (or who feareth the Lord); therefore another man might not have her.

13 Then Raguel said, I doubt not, that God hath received my prayers and my tears in his sight.

14 And I believe, that therefore the Lord made you to come to me, that also this woman should be joined to her kindred by, [or after], (or according to) the law of Moses; and now, Tobias, do not thou bear any doubt, that I shall give her to thee [or for to thee her I shall give].

15 And he took the right hand of his daughter, and gave (it) to the right hand of Tobias, and said, God of Abraham, and God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, be with you, and he join you together, and he fill his blessing in you. [And taking the right hand of his daughter took to the right hand of Tobias, saying, God of Abraham, and God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, be with you, and join you, and full-fill his blessing in you.]

16 And they took a charter, and they made together a writing of witnessing of the marriage. [And the charter taken, they made the conscription of the wedlock.]

17 And after these things they [plenteously] ate, and blessed God.

18 And Raguel called to him(self) Edna, his wife, and commanded (to) her to make ready another bed-(place). [And Raguel called to him Edna, his wife, and commanded to her, that she should make ready another bed-place.]

19 And she led Sarah, her daughter, in to it, and Sarah wept; and Edna said to her, My daughter, be thou of strong wit [or In strong inwit be thou, daughter (of) mine]; the Lord of heaven give to thee joy, for the annoy(ance), (or all the harm), that thou hast suffered.