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Arrival at Home of Raguel

When they reached Ecbat′ana and arrived at the house of Rag′uel, Sarah met them and greeted them. They returned her greeting, and she brought them into the house. Then Rag′uel said to his wife Edna, “How much the young man resembles my cousin Tobit!” And Rag′uel asked them, “Where are you from, brethren?” They answered him, “We belong to the sons of Naph′tali, who are captives in Nin′eveh.” So he said to them, “Do you know our brother Tobit?” And they said, “Yes, we do.” And he asked them, “Is he in good health?” They replied, “He is alive and in good health.” And Tobi′as said, “He is my father.” Then Rag′uel sprang up and kissed him and wept. And he blessed him and exclaimed, “Son of that good and noble man!” When he heard that Tobit had lost his sight, he was stricken with grief and wept. And his wife Edna and his daughter Sarah wept. They received them very warmly; and they killed a ram from the flock and set large servings of food before them.

Marriage of Tobias and Sarah

Then Tobi′as said to Raph′ael, “Brother Azari′as, speak of those things which you talked about on the journey, and let the matter be settled.” So he communicated the proposal to Rag′uel. And Rag′uel said to Tobi′as, “Eat, drink, and be merry; 10 for it is your right to take my child. But let me explain the true situation to you. 11 I have given my daughter to seven husbands, and when each came to her he died in the night. But for the present be merry.” And Tobi′as said, “I will eat nothing here until you make a binding agreement with me.” 12 So Rag′uel said, “Take her right now, in accordance with the law. You are her relative, and she is yours. The merciful God will guide you both for the best.” 13 Then he called his daughter Sarah, and taking her by the hand he gave her to Tobi′as to be his wife, saying, “Here she is; take her according to the law of Moses, and take her with you to your father.” And he blessed them.[a] 14 Next he called his wife Edna, and took a scroll and wrote out the contract; and they set their seals to it. 15 Then they began to eat.

16 And Rag′uel called his wife Edna and said to her, “Sister, make up the other room, and take her into it.” 17 So she did as he said, and took her there; and the girl[b] began to weep. But the mother[c] comforted her daughter in her tears, and said to her, 18 “Be brave, my child; the Lord of heaven and earth grant you joy[d] in place of this sorrow of yours. Be brave, my daughter.”


  1. 7.13 And he blessed them. Vulgate gives the words of the blessing: (verse 15): “The God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob be with you, and may he join you together, and fulfil his blessing in you.” These words are included in the blessing in the Nuptial Mass.
  2. Tobit 7:17 Gk she
  3. Tobit 7:17 Gk she
  4. Tobit 7:18 Other authorities read favor

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