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11 And when they (re)turned again, they came to Haran, which is in the middle of the way against (or towards) Nineveh, in (or on) the eleventh day (of their journey) from departing from the house of Raguel.

And (Raphael) the angel said, Tobias, brother, thou knowest, how thou leftist thy father. [And the angel said, Tobias, brother, thou knowest, (in) what manner thou leftist thy father.]

Therefore if it pleaseth thee, go we before; and the meine (or the household), with thy wife, together with the beasts, (pur)sue they our way with soft(er) going. [And so if it please to thee, go we before; and with soft pace the meine, together with thy wife and with the beasts, follow they our way.]

And when this thing pleased Tobias, that they should go before, Raphael said to Tobias, Take with thee of the gall of the fish, for it shall be needful. Then Tobias took with him of that gall, and they went forth.

And Anna sat beside the way each day in the cop (or on the top) of the hill, from whence she might behold from afar.

And while she beheld from the same place the coming of him, she saw (him) afar, and she knew anon (or at once) (that) her son (was) coming [or anon she knew her son (was) coming]; and she ran home, and told to her husband, and said, Lo! thy son cometh.

And Raphael said to Tobias, When thou hast entered into thine house, anon (at once) worship thou the Lord thy God, and do thou thankings to him, and then nigh (or approach) to thy father, and kiss him.

And anon (or at once) anoint on his eyes of (or with) this gall of the fish, which thou bearest with thee; for why know thou, that anon (or at once) his eyes shall be opened, and thy father shall see the light of heaven, and he shall be joyful in (or at) thy sight.

Then the dog [or the hound] ran (ahead) before (them), that was together in the way (or that was with them on the way), and he made joy with the fanning of his tail to old Tobit and his wife, as a messenger coming and bringing good tidings.

10 And his blind father rose up, and began to run, stumbling with his feet, and when he had given his hand to a child (or to a servant) to lead him, he ran against (or towards) his son. [And rising up the blind father, stumbling with the feet, began to run, and, the hand given to the child (or the servant), he came against to meet with his son.]

11 And Tobit, with his wife, received their son, and kissed him, and both began to weep for joy.

12 And when they had worshipped God, and had done thankings to him, they sat down together.

13 And then Tobias took of the gall of the fish, and anointed the eyes of his father.

14 And he (Tobit) abode the working of that medicine almost half an hour, and then the web, [or the rime], as the little skin of an egg, began to go out of his eyes.

15 Which web Tobit took, and drew it from his eyes, and anon (or at once) he received his sight.

16 And they glorified God, that is, Tobit, and his wife, and all that knew him.

17 And Tobit said, Lord God of Israel, I bless thee, for thou hast chastised me, and thou hast saved me; and lo! now I see Tobias, my son.

18 Then also Sarah, the wife of his son, entered after seven days, and all the meine (or all the household), and the beasts whole, and (the) camels, and much money of (or with) the wife, but also the money which he had received of Gabael (and also the money which Tobias had received from Gabael). [Also after seven days Sarah, the wife of his son, came in, and all the meine, and the beasts whole, and the camels, and much money of the wife, but and the money that had taken of Gabael.]

19 And he told to his father and mother all the benefices, [or all the benefits], or all the goodnesses of God, which he had done about him by the man, that had led him in (or on) the way.

20 And Achior and Nadab, the nigh cousins of Tobit, came to Tobit, and were joyful with him, and they thanked God with him of (or for) all the goodnesses that God had showed about him.

21 And by (or for) seven days they ate, and joyed [or gladded] with great joy.