Paul, (A)a bond-servant of God and an (B)apostle of Jesus Christ, [a]for the faith of those (C)chosen of God and (D)the knowledge of the truth which is (E)according to godliness, in (F)the hope of eternal life, which God, (G)who cannot lie, (H)promised [b](I)long ages ago, but (J)at the proper time revealed His word in (K)the proclamation (L)with which I was entrusted (M)according to the commandment of (N)God our Savior;

To (O)Titus, (P)my true [c]son [d]in a (Q)common faith: (R)Grace and peace from God the Father and (S)Christ Jesus our Savior.

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  1. Titus 1:1 Or according to
  2. Titus 1:2 Lit before eternal times
  3. Titus 1:4 Or child
  4. Titus 1:4 Lit according to

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