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45 (For the one directing upon Shoshannim, for the Bnei Korach. A Maskil. Shir yedidot, i.e., a love song). My lev is stirred with davar tov; I speak my verses to HaMelech; my leshon (tongue) is the et (pen, stylus) of a sofer mahir (ready scribe, skillful writer).

(3) Thou art fairer than Bnei Adam; chen (grace, favor) is poured upon Thy sfatayim (lips); therefore Elohim hath blessed Thee l’olam. [T.N. The coming Messianic King is called Elohim [Ps 45:6(7)] just as this coming personage is called El Gibbor in Isa 9:5; see MJ 1:8; The Targumist renders Psa 45:2(3) as a reference to Moshiach.]

(4) Gird Thy cherev upon Thy side, O Gibbor [See Isaiah 9:5(6)], with Thy hod (glory, splendor) and Thy hadar (majesty).

(5) And in Thy hadar (majesty) ride forth victoriously for the sake of emes and anavah and tzedek; and Thy Yamin (Right Hand) shall guide Thee to nora’ot (things of awe).

(6) Thine khitzim (arrows) are sharp in the lev oyvei HaMelech (in the heart of the King’s enemies); the Amim (nations) fall under Thee.

(7) Thy kisse (throne), O Elohim, is olam va’ed; the shevet (sceptre) of Thy Malchut is a shevet of uprightness.

(8) Thou lovest tzedek, and hatest resha; therefore Elohim, Eloheicha, hath anointed Thee with shemen sasson (the oil of gladness) above Thy chaverim.

(9) All Thy robes smell of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia; out of the ivory heikhalim stringed instruments have made Thee glad.

(10) Banot Melachim were among Thy ladies of honor; upon Thy Yamin (Right Hand) is stationed the Shegal (Queen consort, spouse of the reigning monarch) in golden jewelry of Ophir.

10 (11) Pay heed, O Bat (daughter), and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy Bais Avi;

11 (12) Then shall HaMelech be enthralled with thy beauty; since He is thy Adon, hishtachavi lo (bow to Him).

12 (13) And the Bat Tzor (Tyre) shall be there with a minchah (gift); even the ashirim (rich ones) among the people shall entreat thy favor.

13 (14) The Bat Melech is all glorious within; her clothing is zahav embroidered.

14 (15) She shall be brought unto HaMelech in woven apparel; the betulot (virgins), her companions that follow her, shall be brought unto Thee.

15 (16) With simchah and gladness shall they be led forth; they shall enter into the Heikhal Melech.

16 (17) Instead of thy avot shall be thy sons, whom thou mayest make sarim (princes) in kol ha’aretz.

17 (18) I will make Thy Shem to be remembered kol dor vador; therefore shall the Amim (nations) praise Thee l’olam va’ed.