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68 (For the one directing. Of Dovid. Mizmor. Shir.) Let Elohim arise, let His oyevim be scattered; let them also that hate Him flee before Him.

(3) As ashan (smoke) is blown away, so drive them away; as wax melteth before the eish, so let the resha’im perish at the presence of Elohim.

(4) But let the tzaddikim have simchah; let them rejoice before Elohim; and, let them rejoice with simchah.

(5) Sing unto Elohim, sing praises to Shmo; extol Him that rideth on the clouds by Shmo Hashem, and rejoice before Him.

(6) Avi yetomim (father of orphans), and a dayan (judge) of almanot (widows), is Elohim in His Ma’on Kodesh.

(7) Elohim setteth the yechidim (alone ones) in a family; He bringeth out those which are asirim (prisoners, those bound with chains); but the sorerim (rebels) dwell in a dry land.

(8) O Elohim, when Thou wentest forth before Thy people, when Thou didst march through the wilderness; Selah;

(9) Eretz shook, Shomayim also poured rain at the presence of Elohim; even Sinai itself was moved at the presence of Elohim, Elohei Yisroel.

(10) Thou, O Elohim, didst send a plentiful geshem (rain), whereby Thou didst restore Thine nachalah, when it was parched.

10 (11) Thy congregation hath dwelt therein; Thou, O Elohim, hast prepared of Thy bounty for the oni.

11 (12) Adonoi gave the word; rav (great) was the tzava (company, army) of the mevaserot (heralds, those that published it, the lady evangelists).

12 (13) Melachim of tzeva’ot (armies) shall flee, they flee; and she that tarried at home shall divide the plunder.

13 (14) Though ye have lain among the cooking pots, yet shall ye be as the wings of a yonah covered with kesef, and her feathers with glistening gold.

14 (15) When Shaddai scattered melachim therein, it was white as snow in Tzalmon.

15 (16) The Har Elohim is the Har Bashan; a mountain of peaks is the Har Bashan.

16 (17) Why gaze ye in envy, ye many-peaked harim? This is the har which Elohim hath chosen to dwell in; indeed, Hashem will dwell in it lanetzach (forever).

17 (18) The merkavot of Elohim are myriads, a thousand thousands; Adonoi is among them, as in Sinai, in kodesh (holiness).

18 (19) Thou hast ascended on marom (high), Thou hast led captivity captive; Thou hast received mattanot among adam; yes, even from the sorerim (the rebellious) also, that Hashem Elohim might dwell [there].

19 (20) Baruch Adonoi, Who yom yom bears us up, even HaEl Yeshuateinu (the G-d of our salvation). Selah.

20 (21) Our G-d is a G-d who saves; and from Hashem Adonoi come escapes from mavet (death).

21 (22) But Elohim shall shatter the rosh of His oyevim, and the hairy kodkod (crown of the head, scalp) of such a one as continueth on in his trespasses.

22 (23) Adonoi said, I will bring back from Bashan, I will bring back from the depths of the sea;

23 (24) That thy regel may be bathed in dahm, that the leshon of thy klavim (dogs) may partake of the oyevim.

24 (25) They have seen Thy processions, O Elohim; even the goings of my G-d, my Melech, in the Kodesh.

25 (26) The sharim (singers) went before, the nogenim (players on instruments) followed after; among them were the alamot (young unmarried virgins) playing timbrels.

26 (27) Barchu Elohim in the congregations, even Hashem, out of the Makor Yisroel (Fountain of Israel).

27 (28) There is Binyamin, the youngest at the head; the sarim (princes) of Yehudah and the throng of them, the sarim (princes) of Zevulun, and the sarim (princes) of Naphtali.

28 (29) Eloheicha hath commanded thy oz; strengthen, O Elohim, that which Thou hast wrought for us.

29 (30) Because of Thy Heikhal at Yerushalayim shall melachim bring offerings unto Thee.

30 (31) Rebuke the company of spearmen, the adat (herd) of bulls, with the agalim (calves) of the nations, till every one prostrate himself with ingots of kesef; He scatters the people that delight in wars.

31 (32) Magnates shall come out of Mitzrayim; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto Elohim.

32 (33) Sing unto Elohim, ye mamlechot of ha’aretz; O sing praises unto Adonoi. Selah.

33 (34) To Him that rideth upon the skies of Shomayim of old; lo, He doth send out His voice, and that a kol oz (mighty voice).

34 (35) Ascribe ye oz (power) unto Elohim; His majesty is over Yisroel, and His oz is in the skies.

35 (36) O Elohim, Thou art norah (awesome, terrible) out of Thy Mikdashim; the El (G-d) of Yisroel is He that giveth oz and strength unto His people. Baruch Elohim.