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Song of Solomon 1:7-11 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

Tell me, you, the one I love:
Where do you pasture your sheep?
Where do you let them rest at noon?
Why should I be like one who veils herself[a][b]
beside the flocks of your companions?

M[c] If you do not know,
most beautiful of women,
follow[d] the tracks of the flock,
and pasture your young goats
near the shepherds’ tents.

I compare you, my darling,
to a[e] mare among Pharaoh’s chariots.[f]
10 Your cheeks are beautiful with jewelry,
your neck with its necklace.
11 We will make gold jewelry for you,
accented with silver.


  1. Song of Solomon 1:7 Or who wanders
  2. Song of Solomon 1:7 To express shame or grief, or to conceal identity as a prostitute would; Gn 38:14-15
  3. Song of Solomon 1:8 Some understand the young women to be the speakers in this verse.
  4. Song of Solomon 1:8 Lit go out for yourself into
  5. Song of Solomon 1:9 Lit my
  6. Song of Solomon 1:9 Pharaoh’s chariot horses were stallions.

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