The Song of (A)Songs, which is Solomon's.

The Bride Confesses Her Love


Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!
For your (B)love is better than wine;
    your (C)anointing oils are fragrant;
your (D)name is oil poured out;
    therefore virgins love you.
(E)Draw me after you; (F)let us run.
    (G)The king has brought me into his chambers.


We will (H)exult and rejoice in you;
    we will extol (I)your love more than wine;
    rightly do they love you.


I am very dark, but (J)lovely,
    O (K)daughters of Jerusalem,
like (L)the tents of (M)Kedar,
    like the curtains of Solomon.
Do not gaze at me because I am dark,
    because the sun has looked upon me.
My (N)mother's sons were angry with me;
    they made me (O)keeper of (P)the vineyards,
    but (Q)my own vineyard I have not kept!
Tell me, you (R)whom my soul loves,
    where you (S)pasture your flock,
    where you make it (T)lie down at noon;
for why should I be like one who veils herself
    beside the flocks of your (U)companions?

Solomon and His Bride Delight in Each Other


If you do not know,
    O (V)most beautiful among women,
follow in the tracks of the flock,
    and pasture your young goats
    beside the shepherds' tents.

I compare you, (W)my love,
    to (X)a mare among Pharaoh's chariots.
10 (Y)Your cheeks are lovely with ornaments,
    your neck with strings of jewels.


11 We will make for you[b] ornaments of gold,
    studded with silver.


12 While (Z)the king was on his couch,
    my (AA)nard gave forth its fragrance.
13 My beloved is to me a sachet of (AB)myrrh
    that lies between my breasts.
14 My beloved is to me a cluster of (AC)henna blossoms
    in the vineyards of (AD)Engedi.


15 (AE)Behold, (AF)you are beautiful, (AG)my love;
    behold, you are beautiful;
    your (AH)eyes are doves.


16 Behold, you are beautiful, (AI)my beloved, truly (AJ)delightful.
Our couch is green;
17     the beams of our house are (AK)cedar;
    our rafters are (AL)pine.

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  1. Song of Solomon 1:2 The translators have added speaker identifications based on the gender and number of the Hebrew words
  2. Song of Solomon 1:11 The Hebrew for you is feminine singular

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