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Him: Your feet are so beautiful,
        perfectly fitted in sandals, noble daughter![a]
    Your sculpted thighs are like jewels,
        the work of a master hand.
    Your hidden place is open to me like a goblet, perfect and round,
        that never runs dry of blended wine;
    Your waist is a mound of wheat—curved and white and fertile—
        encircled by lilies.
    Your breasts are like two fawns,
        twins of a gazelle.
    Your neck is as stunning as an ivory tower;
        your eyes shimmer like the pools in Heshbon
        by the gate of Bath-rabbim.
    Your nose is strong and proud like the tower of Lebanon,
        which points toward Damascus.
    Your head is as stately as Mount Carmel;
        your hair shines like a tapestry of royal purple cloth—
        the king is held captive by your locks.
    How beautiful you are, my love, and how pleasing
        In all your delightful and satisfying ways.
    Your stature is as elegant as a date palm tree,
        and your breasts are sweet, attractive, and round like clusters of its fruit.
    I say, “I will climb the palm tree;
        I will take hold of its fruit.”
    May your breasts be like clusters of grapes,
        the fragrance of your mouth[b] like fresh apples,
        and may your kisses satisfy like the best wine.

Her: May the wine go down smoothly for my love,
        flowing gently over his lips and teeth.[c]
10     I belong to my love,
        and he has desire for me.

11     (to him) Come out into the fields, my love,
        and there spend the night in the villages.
12     Let’s rise with the morning and go to the vineyards
        to see if the vines have budded,
    If their blossoms have opened,
        and if the pomegranates are in bloom.
        There I will give you my love.
13     The mandrakes send out their seductive fragrance,
        and the finest fruits wait at our doors—
    New pleasures as well as old—
        I have stored them up for you, my lover.


  1. 7:1 Hebrew, Bath-nadiv; meaning is uncertain.
  2. 7:8 Literally, nose
  3. 7:9 Hebrew manuscripts read, “lips of sleepers.”

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