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Blessings of Wisdom

18 My son, from your youth up choose instruction,
    and until you are old you will keep finding wisdom.
19 Come to her like one who plows and sows,
    and wait for her good harvest.
For in her service you will toil a little while,
    and soon you will eat of her produce.
20 She seems very harsh to the uninstructed;
    a weakling will not remain with her.
21 She will weigh him down like a heavy testing stone,
    and he will not be slow to cast her off.
22 For wisdom is like her name,
    and is not manifest to many.

23 Listen, my son, and accept my judgment;
    do not reject my counsel.
24 Put your feet into her fetters,
    and your neck into her collar.
25 Put your shoulder under her and carry her,
    and do not fret under her bonds.
26 Come to her with all your soul,
    and keep her ways with all your might.
27 Search out and seek, and she will become known to you;
    and when you get hold of her, do not let her go.
28 For at last you will find the rest she gives,
    and she will be changed into joy for you.
29 Then her fetters will become for you a strong protection,
    and her collar a glorious robe.
30 Her yoke[a] is a golden ornament,
    and her bonds are a cord of blue.
31 You will wear her like a glorious robe,
    and put her on like a crown of gladness.

32 If you are willing, my son, you will be taught,
    and if you apply yourself you will become clever.
33 If you love to listen you will gain knowledge,
    and if you incline your ear you will become wise.
34 Stand in the assembly of the elders.
    Who is wise? Cleave to him.
35 Be ready to listen to every[b] narrative,
    and do not let wise proverbs escape you.
36 If you see an intelligent man, visit him early;
    let your foot wear out his doorstep.
37 Reflect on the statutes of the Lord,
    and meditate at all times on his commandments.
It is he who will give insight to[c] your mind,
    and your desire for wisdom will be granted.

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  1. Sirach 6:30 Heb: Gk Upon her
  2. Sirach 6:35 Heb: Gk adds divine
  3. Sirach 6:37 Heb: Gk will confirm

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