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40 Great occupation is made to all men, and an heavy yoke on the sons of Adam, from the day of the going out of the womb of their mother, till into the day of burying into the mother of all men, that is, into the earth. [Great occupation is shaped to all men, and a grievous yoke upon the sons of Adam, from the day of the going out from the womb of the mother of them, unto the day of the burying into the mother of all things.]

The thoughts of them, and the dreads of (the) heart, (the) findings of abiding, and the day of ending;

from him that sitteth before on a glorious seat (or on a throne of glory), unto a man made low into earth and ashes;

from him that useth jacinth, (or hyacinth), [or blue silk], and beareth a crown, unto him that is covered with raw linen cloth (or a linen cloak),

madness (or anger), envy, noise, doubting, and dread of death, wrathfulness dwelling continually [or steadfastly abiding], and strife; and in the time of resting [or of repast] in the bed, the sleep of night changeth his cunning (or his knowing, or his knowledge).

Forsooth a little is as nought in rest; beholding is of him in sleep as in the day. He is disturbed (or troubled) in the sight of his heart, as he that escapeth [or (that) escaped] in the day of battle.

He rose up in the day of his health, (or his deliverance), and dreading not at any dread, [In the time of his health he rose out, and wondering at no dread,]

with all flesh, from man unto beast, and sevenfold (more), that is, grievous punishment, shall come on sinners.

At these things, death, blood, striving, and sword, oppressings, hunger, and sorrow, and beatings; [To these things, death, blood, strife, and two-biting sword, oppression, hungers, and treading, and scourges;]

10 all these things be made on wicked men, and the great flood was made for them. [upon wicked men be formed all these things, and for them was made the general flood.]

11 For why all (the) things that be of the earth, shall (re)turn into the earth; and all (the things that be of the) waters shall (re)turn into the sea.

12 All gift, given for (the) destroying of rightfulness, and wickedness, done for gift, shall be done away; and faith shall stand into the world (or but faith shall stand forever). [All gift and wickedness shall be done away; and faith into the world shall stand.]

13 The riches of unjust men shall be made dry as a flood; and shall sound as a great thunder in (the) rain. [The substances of unrightwise men as a flood shall be dried (up); and as a great thunder in rain they shall sound full.]

14 An unjust man shall be glad in opening his hands; so trespassers shall fail in the end. [As the rightwise man in opening his hands shall glad; so the law-breakers in the end shall wane away.]

15 The sons of (the) sons of wicked [or of unpious] men shall not multiply branches; and (be like) unclean roots sown on the cop (or on the top) of a stone.

16 Greenness beside each water; and at the brink of the flood it shall be drawn out by the root before all (the) hay. [Upon each water greenness; and at the hour of the flood before all the hay it shall be pulled up.]

17 Grace as paradise in blessings; and mercy dwelleth into the world (or forever).

18 The life of a workman sufficient to himself shall be made sweet; and thou shalt find treasure therein.

19 (The) Building of a city shall confirm a name; and a woman without wem shall be reckoned above this, for why her steadfastness shall stand without end. [The building up of the city shall confirm the name; and over this an undefouled woman shall be counted.]

20 Wine and music make glad the heart; and (or but) (the) love of wisdom gladdeth above ever either. [Wine and melody gladden the heart; and over either the loving of wisdom.]

21 Pipes and psaltery make sweet melody; and (or but) a sweet tongue (is) above ever either. [Trumps and psaltery make sweet melody; and over either the sweet tongue.]

22 An eye shall desire grace and fairness; and green sewings above these things. [Grace and fairness the eye shall desire; and over these green tilthes.]

23 A friend and fellow coming together in time; and (or but) a woman with a man (is) above ever either. [A friend and a meat-fellow in time of coming together; and over either a woman with a man.]

24 Brethren into help in the time of tribulation comfort much; and (or but) mercy shall deliver more than they [or over them].

25 Gold and silver, and setting of feet; and (or but) counsel well-pleasing is above [or over] ever either.

26 Riches and virtues enhance the heart; and (or but) the dread of the Lord (is) more than this. Making less is not in the dread of the Lord; and in that dread it is not to seek help. [Faculties and virtues enhance the heart; and over these the dread of the Lord. There is not in the dread of the Lord less(en)ing; and there is not in it to seek help.]

27 The dread of the Lord is as (a) paradise of blessing; and the blessings of God covered him above all glory.

28 Son, in the time of thy life, be thou not needy, that is, in (the) time of (thy) present life, granted to thee to work well, be thou not idle; for it is better to die, than to be needy [or better (it) is to die, then to need], that is, it is better to die bodily, than to be idle, by which a man dieth ghostly (or spiritually).

29 A man beholding into another man’s board, his life is not in the thought of lifelode (or about livelihood); for he sustaineth his life with other men’s meats. Forsooth a chastised man and learned, shall keep himself. [A man beholding into another man’s board, the life of him is not in the thinking of lifelode; forsooth he nourisheth his life with other men’s meats. A man forsooth disciplined and taught, shall keep himself.]

30 Neediness shall be defouled in the mouth of an unprudent, or (a) slow and idle man; and (or but) fire shall burn in his womb. [In the mouth of the unprudent shall be made mis-ease; and in the womb of him fire shall burn.]