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27 Many have committed sin for a trifle,[a]
    and whoever seeks to get rich will avert his eyes.
As a stake is driven firmly into a fissure between stones,
    so sin is wedged in between selling and buying.
If a man is not steadfast and zealous in the fear of the Lord,
    his house will be quickly overthrown.

Tests in Life

When a sieve is shaken, the refuse remains;
    so a man’s filth remains in his thoughts.
The kiln tests the potter’s vessels;
    so the test of a man is in his reasoning.
The fruit discloses the cultivation of a tree;
    so the expression of a thought discloses the cultivation of a man’s mind.
Do not praise a man before you hear him reason,
    for this is the test of men.

Reward and Retribution

If you pursue justice, you will attain it
    and wear it as a glorious robe.
Birds flock with their kind;
    so truth returns to those who practice it.
10 A lion lies in wait for prey;
    so does sin for the workers of iniquity.

Varieties of Speech

11 The talk of the godly man is always wise,
    but the fool changes like the moon.
12 Among stupid people watch for a chance to leave,
    but among thoughtful people stay on.
13 The talk of fools is offensive,
    and their laughter is wantonly sinful.
14 The talk of men given to swearing makes one’s hair stand on end,
    and their quarrels make a man stop his ears.
15 The strife of the proud leads to bloodshed,
    and their abuse is grievous to hear.

Betraying Secrets

16 Whoever betrays secrets destroys confidence,
    and he will never find a congenial friend.
17 Love your friend and keep faith with him;
    but if you betray his secrets, do not run after him.
18 For as a man destroys his enemy,
    so you have destroyed the friendship of your neighbor.
19 And as you allow a bird to escape from your hand,
    so you have let your neighbor go, and will not catch him again.
20 Do not go after him, for he is too far off,
    and has escaped like a gazelle from a snare.
21 For a wound may be bandaged,
    and there is reconciliation after abuse,
but whoever has betrayed secrets is without hope.

Hypocrisy and Retribution

22 Whoever winks his eye plans evil deeds,
    and no one can keep him from them.
23 In your presence his mouth is all sweetness,
    and he admires your words;
but later he will twist his speech
    and with your own words he will give offense.
24 I have hated many things, but none to be compared to him;
    even the Lord will hate him.

25 Whoever throws a stone straight up throws it on his own head;
    and a treacherous blow opens up wounds.
26 He who digs a pit will fall into it,
    and he who sets a snare will be caught in it.
27 If a man does evil, it will roll back upon him,
    and he will not know where it came from.
28 Mockery and abuse issue from the proud man,[b]
    but vengeance lies in wait for him like a lion.
29 Those who rejoice in the fall of the godly will be caught in a snare,
    and pain will consume them before their death.

Anger and Vengeance

30 Anger and wrath, these also are abominations,
    and the sinful man will possess them.


  1. Sirach 27:1 One ancient authority reads gain
  2. Sirach 27:28 Other authorities read proud men

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