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14 Blessed is the man, that stood not by the word of his mouth, and was not pricked in (or with) the sorrow of trespass. [Blessful the man, that is not slide in word from his mouth, and is not pricked in sorrowy sloth of guilt.]

He is blessed, that hath not sorrow of (or in) his soul, and falleth not down from his hope. [Happy, or blessed, that had not sorrowy sloth of his inwit, and falleth not away from his hope.]

Chattel, that is, riches, is without reason to a covetous man, and hard niggard (or stingy or miserly); and whereto is gold to an envious man? [To the covetous man, and hard, without reason is substance; and to an envious man, whereto gold?]

He that gathereth of his will unjustly, gathereth to (or for) other men; and another man shall make waste [or do lechery] in (or with) his goods.

To what other man shall he be good, which is wicked to himself? and he shall not be merry in his goods. [Who to himself is shrewd (or depraved), to what other shall he be good? and he shall not be merry in his goods.]

Nothing is worse, than he that hath envy to himself; and this is the yielding of his malice. [Nothing is worse, than he that envieth to himself; and this is the yielding of his malice.]

And if he doeth good, he doeth (it) unwittingly, and not willfully (or willingly); and at the last he showeth his malice.

The eye of an envious man is wicked, and turning away the face, and despising his soul.

The eye of the covetous man is never filled; he shall not be filled into the part of wickedness, till he perform unrightfulness, and make dry his soul. [Unfillable the eye of the covetous; into the part of wickedness he shall not be filled, to the time that he fully end unrightwiseness, making dry his soul.]

10 An evil eye to evils, and the needy man shall not be filled of (or with) bread; and he shall be in sorrow on (or at) his table. [The evil eye to evils, and needy shall not be filled with bread; and in sorrow sloth he shall be upon his board.]

11 Son, if thou hast, do well with thyself, and offer thou worthy offerings to God. [Son, if thou hast, well do with thee, and offer to God worthy offerings.]

12 Be thou mindful that death shall not tarry, and the testament of hells [or of hell], that is, the ordinance of God, of the death of each man, which is showed to thee; for why the testament of this world shall die by death.

13 Before (thy) death do thou good to (or for) thy friend, and by thy mights stretch thou forth, and give to a poor man. [Before death well do to thy friend, and after thy strengths putting out, give to the poor.]

14 Be thou not deceived [or beguiled] of (or from) a good day, and a little part of a good day pass not thee (unfulfilled or unappreciated).

15 Whether thou shalt not leave to other men thy sorrows, and [thy] travails?

16 In the parting of lot give thou, and take, and justify thy soul.

17 Before thy death work thou rightfulness; for at hells (or in the grave), it is not to find meat. [Before thy death work rightwiseness; for to find meat is not with (or in) hell.]

18 Each man shall wax eld [or old] as hay, and as a leaf bringing fruit in a green tree. Others be (en)gendered, and others be cast [or fall] down; so the generation of flesh and blood, another is ended, and another is born.

19 Each corruptible work shall fail in the end; and he that worketh it, shall go with it. And all chosen work shall be justified; and he that worketh it, shall be honoured in (or by) it. [Each corruptible work in the end shall fail; and he that worketh it, shall go with it. And each chosen work shall be justified; and he that worketh it, shall be worshipped in it.]

20 Blessed is the man, that shall dwell in wisdom, and that shall bethink in rightfulness, and shall think in wit (about) the beholding of God. [Blessful the man, that shall dwell in wisdom, and that in rightwiseness sweetly shall think, and in wit shall think the looking about of God.]

21 Which [or Who] thinketh out, either findeth out, the ways of him in his heart, and shall be understanding in the hid things of him;

22 going as a searcher after it, and standing in the ways of it. [going after it as ensearcher, and in the ways of it being still.]

23 Which beholdeth by the windows thereof, and heareth in (or at) the gates thereof; [Who beholdeth by the windows of it, and in the gates of it is hearing;]

24 which resteth nigh the house thereof, and setteth a stake in the walls thereof. [who resteth beside the house of it, and in the walls of it pitcheth a pale.]

25 He shall set his little house at the hands of him, and goods (or good things) shall rest in his little house, by (the) (en)during of the world; [He shall ordain his little house at the hands of it (or of him), and there shall rest in the little houses of him goods, by angels (en)during;]

26 he shall set his sons under the covering thereof, and he shall dwell under the boughs thereof; [he shall set his sons under the roof of it, and under the branches of it he shall dwell;]

27 he shall be covered under the covering thereof from heat, and he shall rest in the glory thereof. [he shall be defended under the roof of it from burning heat, and in the glory of it he shall rest.]