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11 The wisdom of a man made meek shall enhance his head; and shall make him to sit in the midst of great men. [The wisdom of the meeked shall enhance the head of him; and in the middle of great men to sit shall make him.]

Praise thou not a man in (or for) his fairness; neither despise thou a man in (or for) his sight.

A bee is little among birds; and his fruit hath the beginning of sweetness.

Have thou never glory in clothing, and be thou not enhanced (or exalted) in the day of thine honour; for why the works of the Highest alone be wonderful, and his works be glorious, and hid, and unseen.

Many tyrants have set in (or upon) (a) throne; and a man of whom was no supposing bare the diadem.

Many mighty men be oppressed strongly; and glorious men be given into the hands of other men. [Many mighty men be oppressed greatly; and the glorious be taken into the hands of other men.]

Before that thou ask, blame thou not any man; and when thou hast asked, blame thou justly. [Before that thou ask, not blame thou any man; and when thou shalt ask, chastise thou rightly.]

Before that thou hear, answer thou not a word; and in the midst of elder men add thou not to speak. [Before that thou hear, not answer thou a word; and in the middle of elder men not lay thou to speak.]

Strive thou not, of (or in) that thing that dis-easeth not thee; and stand thou not in the doom of sins. [Of that thing that grieveth not thee, strive thou not; and in the middle of sinners not abide thou.]

10 Son, thy deeds be not in many things; and if thou art rich, thou shalt not be without part of guilt. For if thou (pur)suest (after), thou shalt not (over-)take; and thou shalt not escape, if thou runnest before. [Son, be not in many things thy deeds; and if thou were rich, thou shalt not be guiltless from trespass. If forsooth thou shalt follow, thou shalt not over-take; and if thou shall run before, thou shalt not escape.]

11 There is a man travailing, and hast(en)ing, and sorrowing, and unpious; and by so much the more he shall not have plenty [or he shall not abound].

12 There is a man fade, that is, feeble, failing more than others, needy of recovering, failing more in virtue, and plenteous in poverty; and the eye of God beheld him in good, and raised him (up) from his lowness, [There is a man withered, needing recovering, more failing in virtue, and abounding in poorness; and the eye of God beheld him in good, and reared him (up) from his lowness;]

13 and enhanced his head; and many men wondered in (or about) him, and honoured God. [and enhanced his head; and many marvelled in (or at) him, and worshipped God.]

14 Goods and evils, that is, prosperities and adversities, life and death, poverty [or poorness] and honesty, (or poverty and honours or riches), be of (or from) God.

15 Wisdom, and learning, and cunning (or knowing) of the law be with the Lord; love and the ways of good men be at (or from) him. [Wisdom, and discipline, and cunning of the law with the Lord; loving and the ways of good men with him.]

16 Error and darknesses be made together to (or with) sinners; forsooth they that make full out joy in evil, wax eld together into evils. [Error and darknesses to sinners be formed; who forsooth full out joy into evil, wax old together into evils.]

17 The gift of God dwelleth to (or with) just [or rightwise] men; and (the) increasings of him shall have prosperities [into] without end.

18 Some man there is made rich in doing scarcely, and this is the part of his meed, [There is that is made rich (in) scarcely doing, and this (is) the part of the meed of him,]

19 in that that he saith, I have found rest to (or for) me, and now I alone shall eat of my goods. And he know not that time passeth him, and death nigheth (or approacheth), and he shall leave all things to other men, and shall die [or and die].

20 Stand thou in thy testament, and speak thou (al)together in it; and wax thou eld in the work of thy behests (or thy commands). [Stand in thy testament, and in it speak (al)together; and in the work of thy behests wax old.]

21 Dwell [or Abide] thou not in the works of sinners; but trust thou in God, and dwell in thy place. For it is easy in the eyes of God, suddenly to make honest (or rich) a poor man.

22 The blessing of God hast(en)eth into the meed of a just man; and the going forth of him maketh fruit in swift honour. [The blessing of God into the meed of the rightwise hieth; and in swift worship the forth going of him maketh fruit.]

23 Say thou not, What is need to me? and what goods shall be (for) me hereafter? (Say thou not, What do I need? and what good things shall be for me hereafter?)

24 Say thou not, I am sufficient, and what shall I be made worse hereafter?

25 In the day of goods (or of good things) be thou not unmindful of evils, and in the day of evils be thou not unmindful of goods (or of good things); (On a good day do not forget the bad days, and on a bad day do not forget the good days;)

26 for it is easy before God to yield in the day of death, to each man after his ways. [for light (or easy) (it) is before God in the day of death, to yield to each after his ways.]

27 The malice of one hour maketh forgetting of most lechery; and in the end of a man is making naked of his works.

28 Praise thou not any man before his death; for why a man is known in (or by) his sons.

29 Bring thou not each man into thine house; for why many treasons be of a guileful man.

30 For why as the entrails of stinking things break out, and as a partridge is led into a trap, either (a) net, and as a capret is led into a snare, so and the heart of proud men; and as a beholder [or the for-looker] seeing the fall of his neighbour.

31 For he turneth goods [or good things] into evils, and setteth treasons, and putteth a wem, (or a spot, or a blemish) on chosen men.

32 Fire is increased of a sparkle (or from a spark), and blood is increased of (or by) a guileful man; for why a sinful man setteth treason to (or for) blood. [Of one sparkle (or one spark) fire is added, and of one (who is) treacherous, blood is increased; a man forsooth sinner waiteth to (or lieth in wait for) blood.]

33 Take heed to thee from a guileful man, for he maketh evils; lest peradventure he bring in on thee scorning without end. [Take heed to thee from the death-bearer, forsooth he forgeth evils; lest peradventure he bring upon thee scorning into without end.]

34 Receive thou an alien to thee, and he shall destroy thee in a whirlwind, and he shall make thee alien (or alienated) from thine own ways. [Receive to thee an alien woman, and she shall turn thee upside-down in a whirlwind, and alien(ate) thee from thy proper ways.]