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Therefore dio you are eimi without excuse anapologētos, whoever you are ō, when you ho judge krinō someone else, for gar in en that hos which you judge krinō · ho another heteros, you condemn katakrinō yourself seautou, for gar you ho who judge krinō are practicing prassō the ho same things autos. And de we know oida that hoti the ho judgment krima of ho God theos is eimi according kata to truth alētheia with epi respect to those ho who practice prassō · ho such toioutos things . Do you suppose logizomai, · de this houtos, whoever you are ō, when you ho judge krinō those ho who practice prassō · ho such toioutos things yet kai do poieō them autos yourself, that hoti you sy will escape ekpheugō the ho judgment krima of ho God theos? Or ē do you hold in contempt kataphroneō the ho riches ploutos of ho his autos kindness chrēstotēs and kai · ho forbearance anochē and kai · ho patience makrothumia, not agnoeō knowing that hoti · ho God’ s theos kindness chrēstos · ho is meant to lead agō you sy to eis repentance metanoia? But de because kata of · ho your sy stubbornness sklērotēs and kai your unrepentant heart kardia, you are storing thēsaurizō up wrath orgē for yourself seautou on en the day hēmera of wrath orgē, when kai God’ s theos righteous judgment dikaiokrisia will be revealed apokalypsis, · ho who hos will give apodidōmi to each hekastos person according kata to what ho he autos has done ergon: to those ho who zēteō by kata patiently hypomonē doing good agathos works ergon seek for zēteō glory doxa and kai honor timē and kai immortality aphtharsia, he will give eternal aiōnios life zōē; but de to those ho who are self-seeking ek and kai do not obey apeitheō the ho truth alētheia but de obey peithō · ho unrighteousness adikia, there will be wrath orgē and kai fury thumos. There will be tribulation thlipsis and kai distress stenochōria for epi every pas human anthrōpos being psychē who ho does katergazomai · ho evil kakos, for the Jew Ioudaios first prōton and kai also for the Greek Hellēn, 10 but de glory doxa and kai honor timē and kai peace eirēnē for everyone pas who ho does ergazomai · ho good agathos, for the Jew Ioudaios first prōton and kai also for the Greek Hellēn.

11 For gar there is eimi no ou favoritism prosōpolēmpsia with para · ho God theos: 12 for gar all hosos who have sinned hamartanō apart from the law anomōs will apollymi also kai perish apollymi apart from the law anomōs, and kai all hosos who have sinned hamartanō under en the law nomos will be judged krinō by dia the law nomos; 13 for gar it is not ou the ho hearers akroatēs of the law nomos who are righteous dikaios before para · ho God theos, but alla the ho doers poiētēs of the law nomos who will be declared dikaioō righteous . 14 For gar whenever hotan the Gentiles ethnos, who ho do echō not have echō the law nomos, do poieō by nature physis the ho things required by the ho law nomos, these houtos, although they do not have echō the law nomos, are eimi a law nomos to themselves heautou. 15 They hostis show endeiknymi that the ho work ergon of the ho law nomos is written graptos on en · ho their autos hearts kardia, their autos conscience syneidēsis bearing symmartyreō witness · ho and kai their allēlōn conflicting metaxy · ho thoughts logismos accusing katēgoreō or ē else kai defending apologeomai them , 16 on en the day hēmera when hote God theos judges krinō · ho the ho secrets kryptos of ho everyone anthrōpos according kata to · ho my egō gospel euangelion through dia Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous.

17 But de if ei you sy call yourself eponomazō a Jew Ioudaios, and kai rely epanapauomai on the law nomos, and kai boast kauchaomai in en God theos, 18 and kai know ginōskō his ho will thelēma, and kai approve dokimazō the ho things that excel diapherō because you are instructed katēcheō by ek the ho law nomos, 19 and te are convinced peithō that you yourself seautou are eimi a guide hodēgos of the blind typhlos, a light phōs for those ho who are in en darkness skotos, 20 a corrector paideutēs of the foolish aphrōn, a teacher didaskalos of little nēpios children , having echō in en the ho law nomos the ho embodiment morphōsis of ho knowledge gnōsis and kai of ho truth alētheia 21 you ho, then oun, who teach didaskō others heteros, will you not ou teach didaskō yourself seautou? You ho who preach kēryssō against stealing kleptō, do you steal kleptō? 22 You ho who tell legō others not to commit moicheuō adultery , do you commit moicheuō adultery ? You ho who abhor bdelyssomai · ho idols eidōlon, do you rob temples hierosyleō? 23 You who hos boast kauchaomai in en the law nomos, by dia your ho breaking parabasis of the ho law nomos you dishonor atimazō · ho God theos! 24 For gar as kathōs it is written graphō, “ On account of dia you hymeis the ho name onoma of ho God theos is being blasphemed blasphēmeō among en the ho Gentiles ethnos.” 25 For gar to be sure men, circumcision peritomē is of value ōpheleō if ean you practice prassō the law nomos, but de if ean you are eimi a transgressor parabatēs of the law nomos, · ho your sy circumcision peritomē has become ginomai uncircumcision akrobystia. 26 Therefore oun if ean the ho uncircumcised akrobystia man keeps phylassō the ho righteous dikaiōma requirements of the ho law nomos, will logizomai not ou · ho his autos uncircumcision akrobystia be counted logizomai as eis circumcision peritomē? 27 And kai will krinō not the ho one who teleō by ek nature physis is uncircumcised akrobystia yet fulfills teleō the ho law nomos judge krinō you sy who ho have dia the written gramma code and kai circumcision peritomē yet are a transgressor parabatēs of the law nomos? 28 For gar that person is not ou a ho Jew Ioudaios who is eimi one outwardly en ho, · ho nor oude is · ho circumcision peritomē that which is outward en ho · ho in en the flesh sarx. 29 But alla a person is a Jew Ioudaios who ho is one inwardly en ho, · ho and kai circumcision peritomē is a matter of the heart kardia, by en the Spirit pneuma and not ou by the written gramma code . That person’ s hos · ho praise epainos comes not ou from ek man anthrōpos but alla from ek · ho God theos.

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