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14 Accept proslambanō the ho · de one who is weak astheneō in ho faith pistis, but do not argue about eis his personal dialogismos opinions . One hos person believes pisteuō he can eat esthiō anything pas, while de the ho weak astheneō brother eats esthiō only vegetables lachanon. The ho one who eats esthiō everything must exoutheneō not hold in contempt exoutheneō the ho one who does not eat esthiō, and de the ho one who abstains from eating esthiō must krinō not judge krinō the ho one who eats esthiō, for gar · ho God theos has accepted proslambanō him autos. Who tis are eimi you sy · ho to pass krinō judgment on someone allotrios else’ s servant oiketēs? It is before ho his idios own master kyrios that he will stand stēkō or ē fall piptō. And de he will stand histēmi, for gar the ho Lord kyrios is able dynateō to make him autos stand histēmi. For gar one hos person regards krinō one day hēmera more sacred than para another hēmera, while de another hos person regards krinō all pas days hēmera the same. Each hekastos person must be fully convinced plērophoreō in en · ho his idios own mind nous. The ho one who observes phroneō the ho day hēmera observes phroneō it for the Lord kyrios. And kai the ho one who eats esthiō, eats esthiō for the Lord kyrios, because gar he gives thanks eucharisteō to ho God theos; and kai the ho one who abstains from eating esthiō, does esthiō not ou eat esthiō for the Lord kyrios and kai gives eucharisteō thanks to ho God theos. For gar none oudeis of us hēmeis lives zaō for himself heautou, and kai none oudeis dies apothnēskō for himself heautou. For gar if ean we live zaō, we live zaō for the ho Lord kyrios, and te if ean we die apothnēskō, we die apothnēskō for the ho Lord kyrios. So te then oun, whether ean we live zaō or te whether ean we die apothnēskō, we belong to eimi the ho Lord kyrios. For gar the reason why eis Christ Christos died apothnēskō and kai rose zaō to life again was that hina he might be Lord kyrieuō both kai of the dead nekros and kai of the living zaō. 10 Why tis do you sy · de pass krinō judgment on · ho your sy brother adelphos? Or ē again kai, why tis do you sy hold exoutheneō · ho your sy brother adelphos in contempt ? For gar we will all pas stand paristēmi before the ho judgment bēma seat of ho God theos. 11 For gar it is written graphō, “ As I egō live zaō, says legō the Lord kyrios, every pas knee gony will bow kamptō to me egō, and kai every pas tongue glōssa will give exomologeomai praise to ho God theos.” 12 So ara then oun each hekastos of us hēmeis will give didōmi an account logos of peri himself heautou to ho God theos. 13 Therefore oun let us krinō stop mēketi passing judgment on krinō one allēlōn another , but alla resolve krinō this houtos instead mallon, never to put tithēmi an obstacle proskomma or ē a trap skandalon in ho a brother’ s adelphos way.

14 I know oida and kai am convinced peithō in en the Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous that hoti nothing oudeis is unclean koinos in dia itself heautou; however ei mē, to the ho one who considers logizomai something tis to be eimi unclean koinos, to him ekeinos it is unclean koinos. 15 For gar if ei your sy brother adelphos is being hurt lypeō by dia what you eat brōma, · ho you are peripateō no ouketi longer walking peripateō in kata love agapē. Do apollymi not destroy apollymi by ho what you sy eat brōma that ekeinos brother for hyper whom hos Christ Christos died apothnēskō. 16 Therefore oun do not let what ho you hymeis regard as good agathos be spoken blasphēmeō of as evil . 17 For gar the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos is eimi not ou a matter of eating brōsis and kai drinking posis, but alla of righteousness dikaiosynē and kai peace eirēnē and kai joy chara in en the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma. 18 For gar whoever ho serves douleuō Christ Christos in en this houtos way · ho is pleasing euarestos to ho God theos and kai approved dokimos by ho men anthrōpos. 19 So ara then oun let us pursue diōkō what ho makes for ho peace eirēnē and kai · ho for ho mutual eis upbuilding oikodomē. · ho 20 Do not , for the sake of food brōma, destroy katalyō the ho work ergon of ho God theos. All pas food is indeed men clean katharos, but alla it is wrong kakos to cause dia · ho another anthrōpos to stumble proskomma by ho what you eat esthiō. 21 It is good kalos · ho not to eat esthiō meat kreas or mēde to drink pinō wine oinos or mēde to do anything that en makes · ho your sy brother adelphos stumble proskoptō. 22 The faith pistis that hos you sy have echō, keep echō as kata your seautou own conviction before enōpion · ho God theos. Blessed makarios is the ho one who has no reason krinō to condemn himself heautou for en what hos he approves dokimazō. 23 But de the ho one who doubts diakrinō is condemned katakrinō if ean he eats esthiō, because hoti his eating is not ou from ek faith pistis; and de whatever pas is not ou from ek faith pistis is eimi sin hamartia.