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13 Every pas person psychē must be subject to hypotassō the governing hyperechō authorities exousia because gar there is eimi no ou authority exousia except ei mē by hypo God’ s theos appointment, and de those ho that presently exist eimi have been eimi instituted tassō by hypo God theos. Therefore hōste whoever ho resists antitassō · ho authority exousia resists anthistēmi what ho · ho God theos has decreed diatagē, and de those ho who resist anthistēmi will bring lambanō judgment krima on lambanō themselves heautou. · ho For gar rulers archōn are eimi not ou a source of fear phobos for those ho who do ergon good agathos, but alla for those ho who do wrong kakos. Would thelō you · de have no fear phobeomai of the ho one in authority exousia? Then do poieō what ho is right agathos and kai you will receive echō approval epainos from ek him autos, for gar he is eimi a servant diakonos of God theos for eis your sy · ho good agathos. But de if ean you do poieō what ho is wrong kakos, be afraid phobeomai; for gar he does phoreō not ou bear phoreō the ho sword machaira in vain eikē. For gar he is eimi a servant diakonos of God theos, an avenger ekdikos to carry out eis wrath orgē on the ho one who does prassō · ho wrong kakos. Therefore dio one must anankē be subject hypotassō, not ou only monon because dia of · ho wrath orgē, but alla also kai because dia of · ho conscience syneidēsis. For gar this houtos is also kai why dia you pay teleō taxes phoros, for gar authorities are eimi servants leitourgos of God theos, devoted proskartereō to eis this houtos very thing autos. Pay apodidōmi everyone pas what ho is owed opheilē to them: taxes phoros to whom ho · ho taxes phoros are due; · ho revenue telos to whom ho · ho revenue telos is due; · ho respect phobos to whom ho · ho respect phobos is due; · ho honor timē to whom ho · ho honor timē is due. · ho Owe opheilō no mēdeis one anything mēdeis, except ei mē · ho to love agapaō one allēlōn another ; for gar the ho one who loves agapaō his ho neighbor heteros has fulfilled plēroō the law nomos. For gar the ho commandments, “ You shall not ou commit moicheuō adultery , You shall not ou murder phoneuō, You shall not ou steal kleptō, You shall not ou covet epithumeō,” ( and kai any tis other heteros commandment entolē there may be ei) are summed up anakephalaioō in en · ho this houtos saying logos, · ho You shall love agapaō · ho your sy neighbor plēsion as hōs yourself seautou.” 10 · ho Love agapē does ergazomai no ou wrong kakos to ergazomai its ho neighbor plēsion. Therefore oun love agapē is the fulfillment plērōma of the law nomos. · ho

11 And kai live this houtos way because you are aware oida of the ho time kairos, that hoti the hour hōra has come ēdē for us hymeis to wake egeirō from ek sleep hypnos, for gar our hēmeis salvation sōtēria is nearer engys now nyn · ho than ē when hote we first believed pisteuō. 12 The ho night nyx is nearly over prokoptō and de the ho day hēmera is at hand engizō. So oun we must lay apotithēmi aside the ho works ergon of ho darkness skotos and de put endyō on the ho armor hoplon of ho light phōs. 13 Let us live peripateō becomingly euschēmonōs, as hōs in en the daytime hēmera, not in carousing kōmos and kai drunkenness methē, not in sexual koitē promiscuity and kai sensuality aselgeia, not in strife eris and kai jealousy zēlos. 14 Rather alla, put endyō on the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, and kai make poieō no provision for pronoia the ho sinful sarx nature to eis gratify its desires epithumia.

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