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15 Then kai I saw another allos sign sēmeion in en · ho heaven ouranos, great megas and kai marvelous thaumastos: seven hepta angels angelos with echō seven hepta plagues plēgē, which are the ho last eschatos, because hoti with en them autos the ho wrath thumos of ho God theos is finished teleō.

And kai I saw what appeared to be hōs a sea thalassa of glass hyalinos mixed mignymi with fire pyr, and kai those ho who had conquered nikaō the ho beast thērion and kai · ho his autos image eikōn and kai the ho number arithmos of ho his autos name onoma. They were standing histēmi beside epi the ho sea thalassa of ho glass hyalinos with echō harps kithara given them by ho God theos. And kai they sing adō the ho song ōdē of Moses Mōysēs the ho servant of ho God theos and kai the ho song ōdē of the ho Lamb arnion, saying legō, “ Great megas and kai marvelous thaumastos are · ho your sy deeds ergon, O Lord kyrios · ho God theos · ho Almighty pantokratōr! Just dikaios and kai true alēthinos are · ho your sy ways hodos, O ho King basileus of the ho nations ethnos! Who tis will not ou mē fear phobeomai you, O Lord kyrios, and kai glorify doxazō · ho your sy name onoma? For hoti you alone monos are holy hosios, for hoti all pas · ho nations ethnos will come hēkō and kai worship proskyneō before enōpion you sy, for hoti · ho your sy righteous acts dikaiōma have been revealed phaneroō.”

· kai After meta this houtos I looked, and kai the ho temple naos, that is, the ho tent skēnē of ho witness martyrion, in en · ho heaven ouranos was opened anoigō, and kai out of ek the ho temple naos came exerchomai the ho seven hepta angels angelos who ho had echō the ho seven hepta plagues plēgē. They were clothed endyō in linen linon, clean katharos and bright lampros, · kai wearing perizōnnymi golden chrysous sashes zōnē across peri their ho chests stēthos. Then kai one heis of ek the ho four tessares living creatures zōon gave didōmi the ho seven hepta angels angelos seven hepta golden chrysous bowls phialē full gemō of the ho wrath thumos of ho God theos who ho lives zaō for eis all ho time aiōn ho; · ho and kai the ho temple naos was filled gemizō with smoke kapnos from ek the ho glory doxa of ho God theos and kai from ek · ho his autos power dynamis, and kai no one oudeis could dynamai enter eiserchomai eis the ho temple naos until achri the ho seven hepta plagues plēgē from the ho seven hepta angels angelos had run their course teleō.

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