[a]And I saw [b]as it were a glassy sea, mingled with fire, and [c]them that had gotten victory of the beast, and of his image, and of his mark, and of the number of his name, [d]stand at the glassy sea, having the harps of God,

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  1. Revelation 15:2 There are two parts of the narration: one the confession of the Saints glorifying God, when they saw that preparation of the judgments of God, unto verse 4: another the vocation, instruction, and confirmation of those instruments which God hath ordained for the execution of his judgments, in 4 other verses.
  2. Revelation 15:2 This part of the vision alludeth unto the sea or large vessel of brass in which the Priests washed themselves in the entrance of the Temple: for in the entrance of the heavenly Temple (as it is called, verse 5) is said to have been a sea of glass, most lightsome and clear, unto the commodity of choice mixed with fire, that is, as containing the treasury of the judgments of God, which he bringeth forth and dispenseth according to his own pleasure: for out of the former, the Priests were cleansed of old and out of this the ungodly are destroyed now, Rev. 4:6.
  3. Revelation 15:2 That is, the Godly martyrs of Christ, who shall not give place even in miracles unto that beast: of these, see before, Rev. 13:17 and 14:9, 10.
  4. Revelation 15:2 Glorified God, from the particular observation of the weapons and instruments of God’s wrath, floating in the sea of glass.

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