14 [a]And I looked, and behold, [b]a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sitting like unto the Son of man, [c]having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a [d]sharp sickle.

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  1. Revelation 14:14 The second part of this Chapter, as I said, verse 1. Of the acts and doings of Christ in overthrowing of Antichrist and his Church by the Spirit of his divine mouth: seeing that having been called back by word both publicly and privately unto his duty, and admonished of his most certain ruin: he yet ceaseth not to maintain and protect his own adherents, that they may do him service: and to afflict the godly with most barbarous persecutions. Of those things which Christ doeth, there are two kinds: one common or general in the rest of this chapter, another particular against that savage and rebellious beast and his worshippers in chapters 15 and 16. That common kind, is the calamity of wars spread abroad through the whole earth, and filling all things with blood, and that without respect of any person. This is figured or shadowed out in two types, of the harvest and vintage. Since the time that the light of the Gospel began to shine out, and since prophecy or preaching by the grace of God was raised up again, how horrible wars have been kindled in the world? how much human flesh hath been thrown to the earth by this divine reaping? how much blood (alas for woe) hath overflown for these hundred years almost? all history do cry out, and this our age (if ever before) is now in horror, by reason of the rage of the sickle which Antichrist calleth for. In this place is the first type, that is of the harvest.
  2. Revelation 14:14 Declaring his fierceness by his color, like unto that which is in the white or milk circle of heaven.
  3. Revelation 14:14 As one that shall reign from God, and occupy place of Christ in this miserable execution.
  4. Revelation 14:14 That is, a most fit and commodious instrument of Execution, destroyed all by hewing and thrusting through, for who may stand against God?

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