Greetings of Night Watchers.

A Song of Ascents.

134 Behold, (A)bless the Lord, all you (B)servants of the Lord,
Who [a](C)serve (D)by night in the house of the Lord!
(E)Lift up your hands to the (F)sanctuary
And bless the Lord.
May the Lord (G)bless you from Zion,
He who (H)made heaven and earth.


  1. Psalm 134:1 Lit stand

The Lord, an Abundant Helper.

146 [a]Praise [b]the Lord!
(A)Praise the Lord, my soul!
I will praise the Lord (B)while I live;
I will (C)sing praises to my God while I [c]have my being.
(D)Do not trust in noblemen,
In [d]mortal (E)man, in whom there is (F)no salvation.
His (G)spirit departs, he (H)returns to [e]the earth;
On that very day his (I)plans perish.
(J)Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob,
Whose (K)hope is in the Lord his God,
Who (L)made heaven and earth,
The (M)sea and everything that is in them;
Who (N)keeps [f]faith forever;
Who (O)executes justice for the oppressed;
Who (P)gives food to the hungry.
The Lord (Q)frees the prisoners.

The Lord (R)opens the eyes of those who are blind;
The Lord (S)raises up those who are bowed down;
The Lord (T)loves the righteous.
The Lord (U)watches over strangers;
He [g](V)supports the fatherless and the widow,
But He [h]thwarts (W)the way of the wicked.
10 The Lord will (X)reign forever,
Your God, Zion, to all generations.
[i]Praise [j]the Lord!


  1. Psalm 146:1 Or Hallelujah!
  2. Psalm 146:1 Heb Yah
  3. Psalm 146:2 Lit still am
  4. Psalm 146:3 Lit a son of man
  5. Psalm 146:4 Lit his earth
  6. Psalm 146:6 Or truth
  7. Psalm 146:9 Or relieves
  8. Psalm 146:9 Lit bends
  9. Psalm 146:10 Or Hallelujah!
  10. Psalm 146:10 Heb Yah

Praise for Jerusalem’s Restoration and Prosperity.

147 [a]Praise [b]the Lord!
For (A)it is good to sing praises to our God;
For [c]it is pleasant and praise is [d](B)beautiful.
The Lord (C)builds up Jerusalem;
He (D)gathers the outcasts of Israel.
He heals the (E)brokenhearted
And (F)binds up their [e]wounds.
He (G)counts the number of the stars;
He [f](H)gives names to all of them.
(I)Great is our Lord and abundant in strength;
His (J)understanding is [g]infinite.
The Lord [h](K)supports the afflicted;
He brings the wicked down to the ground.

(L)Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving;
Sing praises to our God on the lyre;
It is He who (M)covers the heavens with clouds,
Who (N)provides rain for the earth,
Who (O)makes grass sprout on the mountains.
It is He who (P)gives an animal its food,
And feeds (Q)young ravens that cry.
10 He does not delight in [i]the strength of the (R)horse;
He (S)does not take pleasure in the [j]legs of a man.
11 The Lord (T)favors those who fear Him,
(U)Those who wait for His [k]faithfulness.

12 Praise the Lord, Jerusalem!
Praise your God, Zion!
13 For He has strengthened the (V)bars of your gates;
He has (W)blessed your sons among you.
14 He (X)makes [l]peace in your borders;
He (Y)satisfies you with (Z)the [m]finest of the wheat.
15 He sends His (AA)command to the earth;
His (AB)word runs very swiftly.
16 He [n]showers (AC)snow like wool;
He scatters the (AD)frost like ashes.
17 He hurls His (AE)ice as fragments;
Who can stand before His (AF)cold?
18 He (AG)sends His word and makes them melt;
He (AH)makes His wind blow, and the waters flow.
19 He (AI)declares His words to Jacob,
His (AJ)statutes and His judgments to Israel.
20 He (AK)has not dealt this way with any other nation;
And as for His judgments, [o]they have (AL)not known them.
[p]Praise [q]the Lord!


  1. Psalm 147:1 Or Hallelujah!
  2. Psalm 147:1 Heb Yah
  3. Psalm 147:1 Or He is delightful
  4. Psalm 147:1 Or fitting
  5. Psalm 147:3 Lit pains
  6. Psalm 147:4 Or calls them all by their names
  7. Psalm 147:5 Lit innumerable
  8. Psalm 147:6 Or relieves
  9. Psalm 147:10 I.e., as a military asset
  10. Psalm 147:10 I.e., as a military asset
  11. Psalm 147:11 Or mercy
  12. Psalm 147:14 Lit your borders peace
  13. Psalm 147:14 Lit fat
  14. Psalm 147:16 Lit gives
  15. Psalm 147:20 I.e., the other nations
  16. Psalm 147:20 Or Hallelujah!
  17. Psalm 147:20 Heb Yah

The Whole Creation Invoked to Praise the Lord.

148 [a]Praise [b]the Lord!
Praise the Lord (A)from the heavens;
Praise Him (B)in the heights!
Praise Him, (C)all His angels;
Praise Him, (D)all His heavenly armies!
Praise Him, sun and moon;
Praise Him, all stars of light!
Praise Him, [c](E)highest heavens,
And the (F)waters that are above the heavens!
They are to praise the name of the Lord,
For (G)He commanded and they were created.
He has also (H)established them forever and ever;
He has made a (I)decree, and it will not pass away.

Praise the Lord from the earth,
(J)Sea monsters, and all the ocean (K)depths;
(L)Fire and hail, (M)snow and (N)clouds;
(O)Stormy wind, (P)fulfilling His word;
(Q)Mountains and all hills;
Fruit (R)trees and all cedars;
10 (S)Animals and all cattle;
(T)Crawling things and winged fowl;
11 (U)Kings of the earth and all peoples;
Rulers and all judges of the earth;
12 Both young men and virgins;
Old men and children.

13 They are to praise the name of the Lord,
For His (V)name alone is exalted;
His (W)majesty is above earth and heaven.
14 And He has (X)lifted up a horn for His people,
(Y)Praise for all His godly ones,
For the sons of Israel, a people (Z)near to Him.
[d]Praise [e]the Lord!


  1. Psalm 148:1 Or Hallelujah!
  2. Psalm 148:1 Heb Yah
  3. Psalm 148:4 Lit heavens of heavens
  4. Psalm 148:14 Or Hallelujah!
  5. Psalm 148:14 Heb Yah

Israel Invoked to Praise the Lord.

149 [a]Praise [b]the Lord!
Sing a (A)new song to the Lord,
And His praise (B)in the congregation of the godly ones.
Israel shall be joyful in (C)his Maker;
The sons of Zion shall rejoice in their (D)King.
They shall praise His name with (E)dancing;
They shall sing praises to Him with (F)tambourine and lyre.
For the Lord (G)takes pleasure in His people;
He will (H)glorify the lowly with salvation.

The (I)godly ones shall be jubilant in glory;
They shall (J)sing for joy on their beds.
The (K)high praises of God shall be in their [c]mouths,
And a (L)two-edged (M)sword in their hands,
To (N)execute vengeance on the nations,
And punishment on the peoples,
To bind their kings (O)with chains,
And their (P)dignitaries with shackles of iron,
To (Q)execute against them the judgment written.
This is an (R)honor for all His godly ones.
[d]Praise [e]the Lord!


  1. Psalm 149:1 Or Hallelujah!
  2. Psalm 149:1 Heb Yah
  3. Psalm 149:6 Lit throat
  4. Psalm 149:9 Or Hallelujah!
  5. Psalm 149:9 Heb Yah

A Psalm of Praise.

150 [a]Praise [b]the Lord!
Praise God in His (A)sanctuary;
Praise Him in His mighty [c](B)expanse.
Praise Him for His (C)mighty deeds;
Praise Him according to His excellent (D)greatness.

Praise Him with (E)trumpet sound;
Praise Him with (F)harp and lyre.
Praise Him with (G)tambourine and dancing;
Praise Him with (H)stringed instruments and (I)flute.
Praise Him with loud (J)cymbals;
Praise Him with resounding cymbals.
(K)Everything that has breath shall praise [d]the Lord.
[e]Praise [f]the Lord!


  1. Psalm 150:1 Or Hallelujah!
  2. Psalm 150:1 Heb Yah
  3. Psalm 150:1 Or firmament; i.e., atmosphere and space
  4. Psalm 150:6 Heb Yah
  5. Psalm 150:6 Or Hallelujah!
  6. Psalm 150:6 Heb Yah

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