Praise for the Lords Goodness.

A Psalm, a Song for the Sabbath day.

92 It is (A)good to give thanks to the Lord
And to (B)sing praises to Your name, Most High;
To (C)declare Your goodness in the morning
And Your (D)faithfulness by [a]night,
[b]With the (E)ten-stringed lute and [c]with the (F)harp,
[d]With resounding music on the (G)lyre.
For You, Lord, have made me joyful by [e]what You (H)have done,
I will (I)sing for joy over the (J)works of Your hands.

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  1. Psalm 92:2 Lit nights
  2. Psalm 92:3 Lit Upon
  3. Psalm 92:3 Lit Upon
  4. Psalm 92:3 Lit Upon
  5. Psalm 92:4 Lit Your working

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