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11 Teach me to follow you,
and I will obey your truth.
    Always keep me faithful.
12 With all my heart I thank you.
    I praise you, Lord God.
13 Your love for me is so great
that you protected me
    from death and the grave.

14 Proud and violent enemies,
    who don't care about you,
have ganged up to attack
    and kill me.
15 But you, the Lord God,
    are kind and merciful.
You don't easily get angry,
and your love
    can always be trusted.
16 I serve you, Lord,
and I am the child
    of one of your servants.
Look on me with kindness.
    Make me strong and save me.
17 Show that you approve of me!
Then my hateful enemies
    will feel like fools,
because you have helped
    and comforted me.

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