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Psalm 76

For the worship leader. A song of Asaph accompanied by strings.

This song of Asaph praises Jerusalem as God’s earthly home and celebrates His victory there over enemies, where in the end “He squashes the arrogant spirit of the rulers.”

The One known in Judah is the True God;
    in Israel, His name is great.
He has made Salem[a] His home;
    indeed, He rests in Zion.
There He destroyed the instruments of war:
    flaming arrows, shields, and swords.


You rise and shine like the dawn.
    You are more majestic than the mountains where game runs wild.
The strong-hearted enemies were plundered;
    they were buried in slumber.
Even the noble warriors
    could not raise a hand to stop You.
O True God of Jacob, with just Your rebuke
    both horse and rider fell into a deep sleep.

You are feared; yes, You.
    And who can stand before You when Your anger flares?
You decreed judgment from the heavens.
    The earth heard it and was petrified with fear, completely still,
When the True God arose for judgment
    to deliver all the meek of the earth.


10 For the wrath of man will end in praise of You,
    and whatever wrath is left You will wrap around Yourself like a belt.
11 Make vows to the Eternal your God,
    and do all you promised;
Let all the nations around you bring gifts
    to the God who arouses fear and awe.
12 He squashes the arrogant spirit of the rulers
    and inspires fear in the hearts of the kings of the earth.


  1. 76:2 Jerusalem
  2. 76:3 Literally, selah, likely a musical direction from a Hebrew root meaning “to lift up”

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