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Psalm 73 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Book 3: Psalms 73–89

Should the Wicked Be Rich?

A psalm of Asaph [C a Levitical musician, a descendant of Gershon, at the time of David; 1 Chr. 6:39; 15:17; 2 Chr. 5:12].

73 ·God is truly [Surely God is] good to ·Israel [or those with integrity/virtue],
    to those who have pure hearts.
But ·I had almost stopped believing [L as for me, my feet almost stumbled];
    ·I had almost lost my faith [my steps almost slipped]
because I was ·jealous [envious] of ·proud people [braggers; boasters].
    I saw wicked people ·doing well [prospering].

They are not ·suffering [struggling; in pain];
    ·they [their bodies] are ·healthy [perfect] and strong.
They don’t have ·troubles [toils] like the rest of us;
    they ·don’t have problems [are not plagued] like other people [Gen. 3:17–19].
They wear pride like a necklace
    and ·put on violence as their clothing [L adorn themselves with garments of violence].
·They are looking for profits [L Their eyes bulge with fat]
    and ·do not control their selfish desires [cunning overflows from their hearts/minds].
They ·make fun of others [scoff] and speak ·evil [harm];
    ·proudly [from high] they speak of ·hurting [oppressing; exploiting] others.
They ·brag to the sky [L set their mouth against heaven].
    ·They say that they own [L Their tongue wanders] the earth.
10 So their people turn to them
    and ·give them whatever they want [L they drink up water in abundance].
11 They say, “How can God know?
    What does God Most High know?”
12 These people are wicked,
    always ·at ease [carefree], and getting richer.
13 ·So why have I kept my heart pure [L In vain, I kept my heart pure…]?
    ·Why have I kept my hands from doing wrong [L …and washed my hands in innocence; Matt. 27:24]?
14 I ·have suffered [am plagued] all day long;
    I have been ·punished [corrected] every morning.

15 God, if I had ·decided to talk like this [L said, “I will recount this,”],
    I would have ·let your people down [L betrayed the generation/race of your children].
16 I ·tried [thought how] to understand all this,
    but it was too ·hard [wearisome] ·for me to see [L in my eyes]
17 until I went to the ·Temple [sanctuary; Holy Place] of God.
    Then I understood ·what will happen to them [L their fate/end].
18 You have put them in ·danger [L slippery places];
    you cause them to ·be destroyed [L fall into disaster].
19 They are destroyed in a moment;
    they are swept away by terrors.
20 It will be like waking from a dream.
    Lord, when you ·rise up [awake; arouse yourself], ·they will disappear [L you despise their shadows].

21 When my heart was ·sad [bitter]
    and ·I was angry [L my innards felt stabbed],
22 I was senseless and stupid.
    I acted like an ·animal [brute beast] toward you.
23 But I am always with you [C in covenant relationship];
    you have held my ·hand [L right hand; C guiding him].
24 You guide me with your advice,
    and later you will receive me in ·honor [glory; C perhaps in the afterlife].
25 ·I have no one [L Whom do I have…?] in heaven but you;
    I ·want [desire] nothing on earth besides you.
26 My body and my ·mind [heart] may become weak,
    but God is ·my strength [L the rock of my heart].
He is ·mine [L my portion] forever.

27 Those who are far from ·God [L you] will ·die [perish];
    you ·destroy [bring to an end] those who ·are unfaithful [prostitute themselves spiritually].
28 But I am close to God, and that is good.
    The Lord God ·is [I have made] my ·protection [refuge].
I will ·tell [recount] all that you have done.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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