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I am depending on you, O Lord my God, to save me from my persecutors. Don’t let them pounce upon me as a lion would and maul me and drag me away with no one to rescue me. It would be different, Lord, if I were doing evil things— if I were paying back evil for good or unjustly attacking those I dislike. Then it would be right for you to let my enemies destroy me, crush me to the ground, and trample my life in the dust.

But Lord! Arise in anger against the anger of my enemies. Awake! Demand justice for me, Lord! 7-8 Gather all peoples before you; sit high above them, judging their sins. But justify me publicly; establish my honor and truth before them all. End all wickedness, O Lord, and bless all who truly worship God;[a] for you, the righteous God, look deep within the hearts of men and examine all their motives and their thoughts.

10 God is my shield; he will defend me. He saves those whose hearts and lives are true and right.[b]

11 God is a judge who is perfectly fair, and he is angry with the wicked every day. 12 Unless they repent, he will sharpen his sword and slay them.

He has bent and strung his bow 13 and fitted it with deadly arrows made from shafts of fire.

14 The wicked man conceives an evil plot, labors with its dark details, and brings to birth his treachery and lies; 15 let him fall into his own trap. 16 May the violence he plans for others boomerang upon himself; let him die.

17 Oh, how grateful and thankful I am to the Lord because he is so good. I will sing praise to the name of the Lord who is above all lords.


  1. Psalm 7:9 God, literally, “the just.”
  2. Psalm 7:10 those whose hearts and lives are true and right, literally, “the upright in heart.”

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