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Psalm 7[a]

God the Vindicator

A plaintive song of David, which he sang to the Lord concerning Cush, the Benjaminite.


Lord my God, in you I trusted;
    save me; rescue me from all who pursue me,(A)
Lest someone maul me like a lion,
    tear my soul apart with no one to deliver.


Lord my God, if I have done this,[b]
    if there is guilt on my hands,
If I have maltreated someone treating me equitably—
    or even despoiled my oppressor without cause—
Then let my enemy pursue and overtake my soul,
    trample my life to the ground,
    and lay my honor in the dust.(B)


Rise up, Lord, in your anger;
    be aroused against the outrages of my oppressors.(C)
    Stir up the justice, my God, you have commanded.
Have the assembly of the peoples gather about you;
    and return on high above them,
    the Lord will pass judgment on the peoples.
Judge me, Lord, according to my righteousness,
    and my integrity.
10 Let the malice of the wicked end.
    Uphold the just one,
    O just God,(D)
    who tries hearts and minds.


11 God is a shield above me
    saving the upright of heart.(E)
12 God is a just judge, powerful and patient,[c]
    not exercising anger every day.
13 If one does not repent,
    God sharpens his sword,
    strings and readies the bow,(F)
14 Prepares his deadly shafts,
    makes arrows blazing thunderbolts.(G)


15 Consider how one conceives iniquity;
    is pregnant with mischief,
    and gives birth to deception.(H)
16 He digs a hole and bores it deep,
    but he falls into the pit he has made.(I)
17 His malice turns back upon his head;
    his violence falls on his own skull.


18 I will thank the Lord in accordance with his justice;
    I will sing the name of the Lord Most High.(J)


  1. Psalm 7 An individual lament. The psalmist flees to God’s presence in the sanctuary for justice and protection (Ps 7:2–3) and takes an oath that only the innocent can swear (Ps 7:4–6). The innocent psalmist can thus hope for the just God’s protection (Ps 7:7–14) and be confident that the actions of the wicked will come back upon their own heads (Ps 7:15–17). The justice of God leads the psalmist to praise (Ps 7:18).
  2. 7:4 Have done this: in the accusation the enemies have made against the psalmist.
  3. 7:12 Powerful and patient: the inclusion of these words is drawn from the Septuagint tradition concerning this verse.