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(A psalm and a song by David for the music leader.)

God Will Win the Battle

Do something, God!
Scatter your hateful enemies.
    Make them turn and run.
Scatter them like smoke!
When you come near,
    make them melt
    like wax in a fire.
But let your people be happy
    and celebrate because of you.

Our God, you are the one
who rides on the clouds,[a]
    and we praise you.
Your name is the Lord,
and we celebrate
    as we worship you.

Our God, from your sacred home
you take care of orphans
    and protect widows.
You find families
    for those who are lonely.
You set prisoners free
    and let them prosper,[b]
but all who rebel will live
    in a scorching desert.

You set your people free,
and you led them
    through the desert.
(A) God of Israel,
the earth trembled,
    and rain poured down.
You alone are the God
    who rules from Mount Sinai.
When your land was thirsty,
you sent showers
    to refresh it.
10 Your people settled there,
and you were generous
    to everyone in need.

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  1. 68.4 on the clouds: Or “across the desert.”
  2. 68.6 and let them prosper: Or “and give them a song.”

32 Now sing praises to God!
Every kingdom on earth,
    sing to the Lord!
33 Praise the one who rides
    across the ancient skies;
listen as he speaks
    with a mighty voice.

34 Tell about God's power!
He is honored in Israel,
    and he rules the skies.
35 The God of Israel is fearsome
    in his temple,
and he makes us strong.
    Let's praise our God!

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