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10 For[a] you, O God, tested us;
you purified us like refined silver.
11 You led us into a trap;[b]
you caused us to suffer.[c]
12 You allowed men to ride over our heads;
we passed through fire and water,
but you brought us out into a wide open place.[d]

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  1. Psalm 66:10 tn Or “indeed.”
  2. Psalm 66:11 tn Heb “you brought us into a net.” This rare word for “net” also occurs in Ezek 12:13; 13:21; 17:20.
  3. Psalm 66:11 tn Heb “you placed suffering on our hips.” The noun מוּעָקָה (muʿaqah, “suffering”) occurs only here in the OT.
  4. Psalm 66:12 tc The MT reads רְוָיָה (revayah, “saturation”) but this should be emended to רְוָחָה (revakhah, “wide open place”; i.e., “relief”), a reading supported by several ancient versions (LXX, Syriac, Jerome, Targum).