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A Prayer for Protection

For the director of music. To the tune of “Do Not Destroy.” A miktam [C perhaps “inscription”] of David when Saul sent men to ·watch David’s house [L the house] to kill him [1 Sam. 19:11–17].

59 God, ·save [protect] me from my enemies.
    ·Protect me [Give me refuge] from those who ·come [rise] against me.
·Save [Protect] me from those who do evil
    and ·save me from [give me victory over] ·murderers [the bloodthirsty].

Look, they are waiting to ambush ·me [my life; Prov. 1:11].
    ·Cruel [Defiant; Strong] people attack me,
    but I have not sinned or ·done wrong [transgressed], Lord.
I have done nothing wrong, but they ·are ready to attack me [L run and get ready].
    Wake up to ·help [meet] me, and look.
You are the Lord God ·All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies; T of hosts], the God of Israel.
    ·Arise [L Awake] and ·punish [visit] ·those people [L all the nations].
Do not give those traitors any ·mercy [grace]. ·Selah [Interlude]

They come back at ·night [evening].
    Like dogs they ·growl [make a commotion] and ·roam around [surround] the city.
Notice what ·comes [bubbles up] from their mouths.
    ·Insults [L Swords] come from their lips,
    because they say, “Who’s listening?”
But, Lord, you laugh at them [2:4];
    you ·make fun of [ridicule] all ·of them [L the nations].

God, my strength, I ·am looking to [keep watch for] you,
    because God is my ·defender [refuge].
10 My God ·loves [is loyal to] me, and he goes in front of me.
    He will help me ·defeat [L look on] my enemies.
11 Lord, our ·protector [L shield], do not kill them, or my people will forget.
    With your power ·scatter them [make them wander] and ·defeat them [L bring them down].
12 They sin by what they say;
    they sin with their ·words [L lips].
They curse and tell lies,
    so let their pride ·trap [capture] them.
13 ·Destroy [Annihilate] them in your anger;
    ·destroy [annihilate] them ·completely [L so they will be no more]!
Then they will know
    that God rules over ·Israel [L Jacob]
and to the ends of the earth. ·Selah [Interlude]

14 They come back at ·night [evening].
    Like dogs they ·growl [make a commotion]
    and ·roam around [surround] the city.
15 They wander about looking for food,
    and they ·howl [grumble] if they ·do not find enough [are not satisfied].
16 But I will sing about your strength.
    In the morning I will sing about your ·love [loyalty].
You are my ·defender [refuge],
    my place of safety in ·times of trouble [L the day of distress].
17 God, my strength, I will sing ·praises [a psalm] to you.
    God, my ·defender [refuge], you are the God who ·loves [is loyal to] me.