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Psalm 57

For the worship leader. A prayer[a] of David to the tune “Do Not Destroy,”[b] when he hid from Saul in a cave.

This individual lament refers back to those perilous times when David fled from Saul and hid in caves (1 Samuel 22; 24). David found real security not in the hidden recesses of the caves but in the shadow of God’s wings.

Mercy. May Your mercy come to me, O God,
    for my soul is safe within You, the guardian of my life.
I will seek protection in the shade of Your wings
    until the destruction has passed.
I cry out to God, the Most High,
    to God who always does what is good for me.
Out of heaven my rescue comes.
    He dispatches His mercy and truth
And goes after whoever tries to run over me.


I am surrounded by lions;
    I lie in a den of ravenous beasts.
Those around me have spears and arrows for teeth,
    a sharpened blade for a tongue.

O God, be lifted up above the heavens;
    may Your glory cover the earth.

Yet my foes cast a net to catch my feet and bring me to my knees.
    I am weary from all of this.
They dug a pit to snare me
    but fell into their own trap.


My heart is ready, O God;
    my heart is ready,
And I will sing!
    Yes, I will sing praise!
Wake up, my glory!
    Wake up, harp and lyre;
    I will stir the sleepy dawn with praise!
I will offer You my thanks, O Lord, before the nations of the world;
    I will sing of Your greatness no matter where I am.
10 For Your amazing mercy ascends far into the heavens;
    Your truth rises above the clouds.
11 O God, be lifted up above the heavens;
    may Your glory cover the earth.


  1. 57:title Hebrew, miktam, meaning is uncertain.
  2. 57:title Hebrew, al-tashheth, meaning is uncertain.
  3. 57:3 Literally, selah, likely a musical direction from a Hebrew root meaning “to lift up”

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