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48 How great is the Lord! How much we should praise him. He lives upon Mount Zion in Jerusalem. What a glorious sight! See Mount Zion rising north of the city[a] high above the plains for all to see—Mount Zion, joy of all the earth, the residence of the great King.

God himself is the defender of Jerusalem.[b] The kings of the earth have arrived together to inspect the city. They marvel at the sight and hurry home again, afraid of what they have seen; they are filled with panic like a woman in travail! For God destroys the mightiest warships with a breath of wind. We have heard of the city’s glory—the city of our God, the Commander of the armies of heaven. And now we see it for ourselves! God has established Jerusalem forever.

Lord, here in your Temple we meditate upon your kindness and your love. 10 Your name is known throughout the earth, O God. You are praised everywhere for the salvation[c] you have scattered throughout the world. 11 O Jerusalem,[d] rejoice! O people of Judah, rejoice! For God will see to it that you are finally treated fairly. 12 Go, inspect the city! Walk around and count her many towers! 13 Note her walls and tour her palaces so that you can tell your children.

14 For this great God is our God forever and ever. He will be our guide until we die.


  1. Psalm 48:2 north of the city, literally, “on the sides of the north.”
  2. Psalm 48:3 God himself is the defender of Jerusalem, literally, “God has made himself known in her palaces for a high tower.”
  3. Psalm 48:10 You are praised everywhere for the salvation, literally, “Your right hand is filled with righteousness.”
  4. Psalm 48:11 O Jerusalem, literally, “Mount Zion.”

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