38 1 David lying sick of some grievous disease, acknowledgeth himself to be chastised of the Lord for his sins, and therefore prayeth God to turn away his wrath. 5 He uttereth the greatness of his grief by many words and circumstances, as wounded with the arrows of God’s ire, forsaken of his friends, evil intreated of his enemies. 22 But in the end with firm confidence he commendeth his cause to God, and hopeth for speedy help at his hand.

A Psalm of David for [a]remembrance.

O Lord, rebuke me not in thine [b]anger, neither chastise me in thy wrath.

For thine [c]arrows have light upon me, and thine hand lieth upon me.

There is nothing sound in my flesh, because of thine anger: neither is there rest in my bones, because of my [d]sin.

For mine [e]iniquities are gone over mine head, and as a weighty burden they are too heavy for me.

My wounds are putrefied, and corrupt because of [f]my foolishness.

I am bowed, and crooked very sore: I go [g]mourning all the day.

For my reins are full of burning, and there is nothing sound in my flesh.

I am weakened and sore broken: I [h]roar for the very grief of mine heart.

Lord, I pour my whole desire before thee, and my sighing is not hid from thee.

10 Mine heart [i]panteth: my strength faileth me, and the light of mine eyes, even [j]they are not mine own.

11 My lovers and my friends stand aside from my plague, and my [k]kinsmen stand afar off.

12 They also that seek after my life, lay snares, and they that go about to do me evil, talk wicked things and imagine deceit continually.

13 But I as a [l]deaf man heard not, and am as a dumb man, which openeth not his mouth.

14 Thus am I as a man, that heareth not, and in whose mouth are no reproofs.

15 For on thee, O Lord, do I wait: thou wilt hear me, my Lord, my God.

16 For I said, Hear me, lest they rejoice over me: for [m]when my foot slippeth, they extol themselves against me.

17 Surely I am ready to [n]halt, and my sorrow is ever before me.

18 When I declare my pain, and am sorry for my sin,

19 Then mine [o]enemies are alive, and are mighty, and they that hate me wrongfully are many.

20 They also, that reward evil for good, are mine adversaries, because I follow [p]goodness.

21 Forsake me not, O Lord, be not thou far from me, my God.

22 Haste thee, to help me, O my Lord, my [q]salvation.


  1. Psalm 38:1 To put himself and others in mind of God’s chastisement for sin.
  2. Psalm 38:1 He desireth not to be exempted from God’s rod, but that he would so moderate his hand, that he might be able to bear it.
  3. Psalm 38:2 Thy sickness, wherewith thou hast visited me.
  4. Psalm 38:3 David acknowledgeth God to be just in his punishments, because his sins had deserved much more.
  5. Psalm 38:4 He confesseth his sins, God’s justice, and maketh prayer his refuge.
  6. Psalm 38:5 That rather gave place to mine own lusts, than to the will of God.
  7. Psalm 38:6 Or, black as one that is disfigured and consumed with sickness.
  8. Psalm 38:8 This example warneth us never to despair, be the torment never so great: but always to cry unto God with sure trust for deliverance.
  9. Psalm 38:10 Hebrew, runneth about, or, is tossed to and fro, meaning, that he was destitute of all help and counsel.
  10. Psalm 38:10 My sight faileth me for very sorrow.
  11. Psalm 38:11 Partly for fear and partly for pride, they denied all duty and friendship.
  12. Psalm 38:13 For I can have no audience before men, and therefore patiently wait for the help of God.
  13. Psalm 38:16 That is, if they see that thou succor me not in time, they will mock and triumph, as though thou hadst forsaken me.
  14. Psalm 38:17 I am without hope to recover my strength.
  15. Psalm 38:19 In my greatest misery they most rejoice.
  16. Psalm 38:20 He had rather have the hatred of all the world, than to fail in any part of his duty to Godward.
  17. Psalm 38:22 Which are the author of my salvation: and this declareth that he prayed with sure hope of deliverance.