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A Prayer in Time of Sickness

A psalm of David ·to remember [or for the memorial offering].

38 Lord, don’t ·correct [rebuke; reprove] me when you are angry.
Don’t ·punish [discipline] me when you are ·furious [enraged; 6:1].

Your arrows have ·wounded [pierced] me,
    and your hand has come down on me.
My ·body [flesh] is ·sick [L not sound] from your ·punishment [L indignation].
    Even my bones are not healthy because of my sin.
My guilt has ·overwhelmed me [L passed over my head];
    like a ·load [burden] it ·weighs me down [is too heavy for me].

My sores stink and become infected
    because I was foolish.
I am bent over and bowed down;
    I ·am sad [L walk around mourning] all day long.
·I am burning with fever [L My loins are burned with fever],
    and my ·whole body [flesh] is ·sore [L not sound].
I am weak and ·faint [L completely crushed].
    I ·moan [groan] from the ·pain I feel [L anguish of my heart].

Lord, you know everything I ·want [desire; long for];
    my ·cries [sighs] are not hidden from you.
10 My heart pounds, and my strength ·is gone [abandons/forsakes me].
    ·I am losing my sight [L The light of my eyes is not with me].
11 Because of my wounds, ·my friends [L those who love me] and neighbors ·avoid [L stand away from] me,
    and my relatives ·stay [L stand] far away.
12 ·Some people set traps to kill me [L Those who seek my life set traps for me].
    Those who ·want [seek] to ·hurt [harm; trouble] me plan trouble;
all day long they ·think up [meditate on] ·lies [deception].

13 I am like the deaf; I cannot hear.
    Like the mute, I cannot ·speak [open my mouth].
14 I am like those who do not hear,
    who have no ·answer [reproof] ·to give [L in their mouth].
15 I ·trust [hope in; wait for] you, Lord.
    You will answer, my Lord and God.
16 I said, “Don’t let them ·laugh at [rejoice in] me
    or ·brag [boast] when ·I am defeated [L my foot totters/slips].”
17 I am ·about to die [L ready to stumble],
    and ·I cannot forget my pain [L my pain is constantly with me].
18 I confess my guilt;
    I am troubled by my sin.
19 My ·enemies are strong and [L living enemies are] healthy,
    and many hate me for no reason.
20 They repay me with evil for the good I did.
    They ·lie about me [L are my accusers/adversaries] because I ·try to do [L pursued] good.

21 Lord, don’t ·leave [abandon; forsake] me;
    my God, don’t ·go away [be far from me].
22 Quickly come and help me,
    my Lord and Savior.