Prayer of a Suffering Penitent.

A Psalm of David, for a memorial.

38 O Lord, (A)rebuke me not in Your wrath,
And chasten me not in Your burning anger.
For Your (B)arrows have sunk deep into me,
And (C)Your hand has pressed down on me.
There is (D)no soundness in my flesh (E)because of Your indignation;
There is no health (F)in my bones because of my sin.
For my (G)iniquities are gone over my head;
As a heavy burden they weigh too much for me.
My [a]wounds grow foul and fester
Because of (H)my folly.
I am bent over and (I)greatly bowed down;
I (J)go mourning all day long.
For my loins are filled with (K)burning,
And there is (L)no soundness in my flesh.
I am (M)benumbed and [b]badly crushed;
I [c](N)groan because of the [d]agitation of my heart.

Lord, all (O)my desire is [e]before You;
And my (P)sighing is not hidden from You.

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  1. Psalm 38:5 Or stripes
  2. Psalm 38:8 Or greatly
  3. Psalm 38:8 Lit roar
  4. Psalm 38:8 Lit growling
  5. Psalm 38:9 Or known to You