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Psalm 34 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Praise God Who Judges and Saves

David’s song from the time he ·acted crazy [acted mad/insane; L changed his mind/discernment] so Abimelech [C perhaps another name for Achish] would ·send [drive] him away, and David did leave [1 Sam. 21:10–15].

34 I will ·praise [bless] the Lord at all times;
    his praise is always ·on my lips [L in my mouth].
My ·whole being [soul] praises the Lord.
    The ·poor [humble] will hear and be glad.
·Glorify [Praise; Magnify] the Lord with me,
    and let us ·praise [L extol] his name together.

I ·asked the Lord for help [sought the Lord], and he answered me.
    He ·saved [rescued; T delivered] me from all that I feared.
Those who ·go [L look] to him for help are ·happy [radiant],
    and ·they [L their faces] are never ·disgraced [shamed].
This ·poor [afflicted] man [C someone in the congregation or the psalmist himself] ·called [prayed], and the Lord heard him
    and ·saved him from [gave him victory over] all his ·troubles [distress].
The angel of the Lord [91:11; Gen. 32:1–2; 2 Kin. 6:17; Matt. 4:5–6] camps around those who fear God [Prov. 1:7],
    and he saves them.

·Examine [L Taste] and see how good the Lord is.
    ·Happy [Blessed] is the person who ·trusts [finds refuge in] him.
You ·who belong to the Lord [holy ones], fear him [Prov. 1:7]!
    Those who fear him will ·have everything they need [not lack anything; 23:1].
10 Even lions [C the most noble wild beast] may get weak and hungry,
    but those who ·look to [seek] the Lord ·will have every [L do not lack any] good thing.
11 Children, come and listen to me.
    I will teach you ·to worship [L the fear of] the Lord.
12 ·You must do these things
    to enjoy life and have many happy days [L Who of you takes pleasure in life and loves days to experience good?].
13 You must ·not say evil things [L guard/keep your tongue from evil],
    and ·you must not tell lies [L your lips from deception].
14 ·Stop doing [L Turn aside from] evil and do good.
    ·Look for [Seek] peace and ·work for [pursue] it.

15 ·The Lord sees the [L The eyes of the Lord are on] ·good [righteous] people
    and ·listens to their prayers [L his ears attend to their cries for help].
16 But the ·Lord is [L face of the Lord is] against those who do evil;
    he ·makes the world forget them [L cuts memory of them off the earth].
17 ·The Lord hears good people when they [L They] cry out to him,
    and he saves them from all their ·troubles [distress].
18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted,
    and he saves those whose spirits have been crushed.

19 People who ·do what is right may [are righteous] have many ·problems [afflictions],
    but the Lord ·will solve them [L saves them from them] all.
20 He will protect their very bones;
    not one of them will be broken.
21 Evil will kill the wicked;
    those who hate ·good [righteous] people will be judged guilty.
22 But the Lord ·saves [redeems; ransoms] his servants’ lives;
    no one who ·trusts [finds refuge in] him will be judged guilty.

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