Do not [a]take me away with the wicked
And with the workers of iniquity,
(A)Who speak peace to their neighbors,
But evil is in their hearts.
(B)Give them according to their deeds,
And according to the wickedness of their endeavors;
Give them according to the work of their hands;
Render to them what they deserve.
Because (C)they do not regard the works of the Lord,
Nor the operation of His hands,
He shall destroy them
And not build them up.

Blessed be the Lord,
Because He has heard the voice of my supplications!
The Lord is (D)my strength and my shield;
My heart (E)trusted in Him, and I am helped;
Therefore my heart greatly rejoices,
And with my song I will praise Him.

The Lord is [b]their strength,
And He is the (F)saving refuge of His [c]anointed.
Save Your people,
And bless (G)Your inheritance;
Shepherd them also,
(H)And bear them up forever.

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  1. Psalm 28:3 drag
  2. Psalm 28:8 So with MT, Tg.; LXX, Syr., Vg. the strength of His people
  3. Psalm 28:8 Commissioned one, Heb. messiah

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