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A Prayer for Protection

A prayer of David.

17 Lord, hear ·me begging for fairness [a just cause];
    ·listen [pay attention] to my cry for help.
·Pay attention [Bend your ear] to my prayer,
    because ·I speak the truth [L my lips are not deceitful].
·You will judge that I am right [L My judgment/vindication will come from before you];
    your eyes can see what is ·true [virtuous].
You have examined my heart;
    you have ·tested me all [or visited me at] night.
You ·questioned [tested] me without finding anything wrong;
    ·I have not sinned with my mouth [L my mouth has not transgressed].
·I have obeyed your commands [L As for the deeds of people, by the word of your lips],
    ·so I have not done what evil people do [I have kept away from the ways of the violent].
·I have done what you told me [L My steps have held fast to your paths];
    ·I have not failed [L My feet have not slipped].

I call to you,
    ·and [L for] you answer me, O God.
·Listen [L Extend your ear] to me now,
    and hear what I say.
Your ·love [loyalty; covenant love] is wonderful.
    ·By your power [L At your right hand] you save those who ·trust [find their refuge in] you
    from ·their enemies [those who rise up against them].
Protect me as ·you would protect your own [or the apple/L pupil of your] eye.
    Hide me under the shadow of your wings.
Keep me from the wicked who ·attack [mistreat] me,
    from my enemies who surround me.
10 They ·are selfish [close their callous hearts]
    and ·brag about themselves [L their mouths speak proudly].
11 They have ·chased [tracked] me until they have surrounded me.
    They ·plan [L set their eyes] to throw me to the ground.
12 They are like lions ready to ·kill [tear up prey];
    like lions, they sit in ·hiding [ambush; cover].

13 Lord, rise up, ·face [confront] the enemy, and ·throw them down [subdue them].
    ·Save [Rescue; T Deliver] me from the wicked with your sword.
14 Lord, save me by your ·power [L hand] from mortals,
    from mortals whose ·reward [portion] in the world is in this life.
·They have plenty of food [L Your stores have filled their bellies].
    ·They have many sons [or Their sons have plenty]
and leave ·much money [L their surplus] to their children.

15 ·Because I have lived right [In righteousness], I will see your face.
When I wake up, I will see your likeness and be satisfied.