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Psalm 16

A miktam[a] by David.

Protect me, O El, because I take refuge in you.
I said to Yahweh,
    “You are my Adonay. Without you, I have nothing good.”
Those who lead holy lives on earth
    are the noble ones who fill me with joy.[b]
Those who quickly chase after other gods multiply their sorrows.
    I will not pour out their sacrificial offerings of blood
        or use my lips to speak their names.

Yahweh is my inheritance and my cup.
    You are the one who determines my destiny.
Your boundary lines mark out pleasant places for me.
    Indeed, my inheritance is something beautiful.

I will praise Yahweh, who advises me.
    My conscience warns me at night.
I always keep Yahweh in front of me.
    When he is by my side, I cannot be moved.
        That is why my heart is glad and my soul rejoices.
            My body rests securely
10 because you do not abandon my soul to the grave
    or allow your holy one to decay.
11 You make the path of life known to me.
    Complete joy is in your presence.
        Pleasures are by your side forever.


  1. Psalm 16:1 Unknown musical term.
  2. Psalm 16:3 English equivalent of this verse difficult.