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Psalm 16 Expanded Bible (EXB)

The Lord Takes Care of His People

A miktam [C perhaps “inscription”] of David.

16 ·Protect [Guard] me, God,
    because I ·trust [take refuge] in you.
I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord.
    ·Every good thing I have comes from you [I have no good apart from you].”
As for the ·godly people [holy ones; saints] in the ·world [or land],
    they are the ·wonderful [noble] ones I ·enjoy [take pleasure in].
But those who ·turn to [run/hurry after] ·idols [other gods]
    ·will have much [multiply] pain.
I will not ·offer [pour out offerings of] blood to those idols
    or even ·speak [L take on my lips] their names.

No, the Lord is ·all I need [L my portion and my cup].
    ·He takes care of me [L You hold my lot; C a device like the Urim and Thummim whereby God reveals one’s future; Ex. 28:30].
·My share in life has been pleasant [L The boundary lines fall for me in pleasant places];
    my ·part [inheritance] has been beautiful.

I ·praise [bless] the Lord because he advises me.
    Even at night, ·I feel his leading [L my innards instruct me].
I keep the Lord before me always.
    Because he is ·close by my side [L at my right hand],
    I will not be ·hurt [L moved; Acts 2:25].
So ·I rejoice and am glad [L my heart exults and my glory/soul/or innards is glad].
    Even my body ·has hope [dwells securely; Acts 2:26],
10 because you will not ·leave [abandon] me in ·the grave [or the underworld; L Sheol].
    You will not let your ·holy one [saint; loyal one] ·rot [L see the Pit; C the grave; Acts 2:27; 13:35].
11 You will teach me ·how to live a holy [L the path of] life.
    ·Being with you will fill me with joy [L In your face/presence is the fullness of joy; Acts 2:28];
at your right hand I will find pleasure forever.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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