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Psalm 141

A song of David.

O Eternal One, I call upon You.
    Come quickly!
    Listen to my voice as I call upon You!
Consider my prayer as an offering of incense that rises before You;
    when I stand with my hands outstretched pleading toward the heavens,
    consider it as an evening offering.

Guard my mouth, O Eternal One;
    control what I say.
    Keep a careful watch on every word I speak.
Don’t allow my deepest desires to steer me toward doing what is wrong
    or associating with wicked people
Or joining in their wicked works
    or tasting any of their pleasures.

Let those who do right strike me down in kindness
    and correct me in love.
Their kind correction washes over my head like pure oil;
    do not let me be foolish and refuse such compassion.
    Still my prayer is against the deeds of the wicked:
Their judges will be thrown from the edges of cliffs and crushed upon the rocks below,
    and the wicked will hear my words and realize that what I said was pleasing.
Just as when a farmer plows and breaks open the earth, leaving clumps of dirt scattered along the rows,
    our bones are scattered at the mouth of the grave.

My gaze is fixed upon You, Eternal One, my Lord;
    in You I find safety and protection.
    Do not abandon me and leave me defenseless.
Protect me from the jaws of the trap my enemies have set for me
    and from the snares of those who work evil.
10 May the wicked be caught in their own nets
    while I alone escape unharmed.

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