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The Word of God

119 ·Happy [Blessed] are those ·who live pure lives [L whose way is blameless],
    who follow the Lord’s ·teachings [instructions; law].
Happy are those who keep his ·rules [decrees; testimonies],
    who ·try to obey [L seek] him with their whole heart.
They don’t do what is wrong;
    they follow his ways.
Lord, you ·gave [commanded] your ·orders [precepts]
    to be obeyed completely.
·I wish I [L O that my ways] were more ·loyal [steadfast; established; set]
    in obeying your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
Then I would not be ashamed
    ·when I study [staring/gazing at] your commands.
When I learned that your ·laws [judgments] are fair,
    I ·praised [thanked] you with an ·honest [upright] heart.
I will obey your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements],
    so please don’t ever ·leave [abandon; forsake] me.

How can a young person ·live a pure life [L keep his way pure]?
    By ·obeying [guarding; keeping] your word.
10 With all my heart I ·try to obey [seek] you.
    Don’t let me ·break [stray from] your commands.
11 I have ·taken your words to heart [treasured/stored your words in my heart]
    so I would not sin against you.
12 Lord, you ·should be praised [are blessed].
    Teach me your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
13 My lips will ·tell about [recount]
    all the ·laws you have spoken [L judgments of your mouth].
14 I enjoy ·living by your rules [the way of your decrees/testimonies]
    as people enjoy great riches.
15 I ·think about [meditate on] your ·orders [precepts]
    and ·study [look at] your ways.
16 I enjoy ·obeying your demands [your statutes/ordinances/requirements],
    and I will not forget your word.

17 ·Do good [Grant this] to me, your servant, so I can live,
    so I can ·obey [keep; guard] your word.
18 Open my eyes to see
    the ·miracles [wonders] in your ·teachings [instructions; law].
19 I am a ·stranger [sojourner; alien resident] ·on earth [or in the land].
    Do not hide your commands from me.
20 ·I wear myself out [My soul pines away] with ·desire [longing]
    for your ·laws [judgments] all the time.
21 You ·scold [rebuke; reprimand] ·proud [arrogant] people;
    those who ·ignore [wander from] your commands are cursed.
22 ·Don’t let me be insulted and hated [L Take away insult and contempt]
    because I keep your ·rules [decrees; testimonies].
23 Even if princes sit around and speak against me,
    I, your servant, will ·think [meditate] about your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
24 Your ·rules [statutes; ordinances; requirements] give me pleasure;
    they ·give me good advice [L are my advisors/counselors].

25 ·I am about to die [L My soul clings to the dust].
    Give me life, as you have promised.
26 I ·told you about my life [L recounted my way], and you answered me.
    Teach me your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
27 Help me understand your ·orders [L the way of your precepts].
    Then I will ·think [meditate] about your ·miracles [wonders].
28 ·I am sad and tired [L My soul is weary/melts with sorrow affliction].
    Make me ·strong [L rise up] again as you have promised.
29 ·Don’t let me be dishonest [L Turn me away from a false way];
    ·have mercy on me by helping me obey your teachings [graciously teach me your instructions/laws].
30 I have chosen the way of ·truth [faithfulness];
    I have ·obeyed [placed before me] your ·laws [judgments].
31 I ·hold on [cling] to your ·rules [decrees; testimonies].
    Lord, do not let me be ·disgraced [shamed].
32 I will ·quickly obey [L run the way of] your commands,
    because you have ·made me happy [L enlarged my heart/mind].

33 Lord, teach me ·your demands [L the way of your demands/statutes/ordinances/requirements],
    and I will ·keep [observe] them until the end.
34 Help me understand, so I can ·keep [protect] your ·teachings [instructions; laws],
    ·obeying [guarding] them with all my heart.
35 Lead me in the path of your commands,
    because ·that makes me happy [L I take pleasure in them].
36 Make me want to keep your ·rules [decrees; testimonies]
    ·instead of wishing for riches [L not to gain/profit].
37 ·Keep me [L Turn my eyes] from looking at ·worthless [false; vain] things.
    Let me live ·by your word [L in your path].
38 ·Keep your promise [Confirm your word] to me, your servant,
    so you will be ·respected [feared; Prov. 1:7].
39 Take away ·the shame [my scorn/humiliation] I fear,
    because your ·laws [judgments] are good.
40 How I ·want to follow [long for] your ·orders [precepts].
    Give me life because of your ·goodness [righteousness].

41 Lord, ·show [L bring] me your ·love [loyalty],
    and ·save me [give me victory] as you have ·promised [said].
42 I have an answer for people who ·insult [scorn] me,
    because I ·trust [find refuge in] what you say.
43 Never ·keep me from speaking your truth [L take the word of truth from my mouth],
    because I ·depend [pin my hopes] on your ·fair laws [judgments].
44 I will ·obey [keep; guard] your ·teachings [instructions; laws]
    forever and ever.
45 So I will live in ·freedom [liberty],
    because I ·want to follow [L seek] your ·orders [precepts].
46 I will discuss your ·rules [decrees; testimonies] with kings
    and will not be ashamed.
47 I ·enjoy obeying [L delight in] your commands,
    which I love.
48 I ·praise [L lift my palms/hands to] your commands, which I love,
    and I ·think [meditate] about your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].

49 Remember your promise to me, your servant;
    it gives me hope.
50 When I suffer, this comforts me:
    Your promise gives me life.
51 ·Proud [Arrogant] people always ·make fun of [mock] me,
    but I do not ·reject [stray from] your ·teachings [instructions; laws].
52 I remember your ·laws [judgments] from long ago,
    and they comfort me, Lord.
53 ·I become angry with wicked people [L Indignation seizes me because of the wicked]
    who ·do not keep [abandon; forsake] your ·teachings [instructions; laws].
54 I sing about your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements]
    ·wherever I live [L in the house of my dwelling].
55 Lord, I remember ·you [L your name] at night,
    and I will ·obey [keep; guard] your ·teachings [instructions; laws].
56 This is what I do:
    I ·follow [protect] your ·orders [precepts].

57 Lord, you are my ·share in life [portion; lot];
    I have promised to ·obey [keep; guard] your words.
58 I ·prayed to [entreat; implore] you with all my heart.
    ·Have mercy on [Be gracious to] me as you have promised.
59 I ·thought about [considered] my ·life [L path],
    and I ·decided to follow [L turned my feet to] your ·rules [decrees; testimonies].
60 I hurried and did not wait
    to ·obey [keep; obey] your commands.
61 Wicked people have ·tied me up [ensnared me],
    but I have not forgotten your ·teachings [instructions; laws].
62 In the middle of the night, I get up to ·thank [praise] you
    because your ·laws [judgments] are ·right [righteous].
63 I am a ·friend [companion] to everyone who fears you,
    to anyone who ·obeys [keeps; guards] your ·orders [precepts].
64 Lord, your ·love [loyalty] fills the earth.
    Teach me your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].

65 You have done good things for your servant,
    as you have promised, Lord.
66 Teach me ·wisdom [L good judgment] and knowledge
    because I ·trust [believe] your commands.
67 Before I ·suffered [was humbled], I ·did wrong [wandered],
    but now I ·obey [keep; guard] your word.
68 You are good, and you do what is good.
    Teach me your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
69 ·Proud [Arrogant] people ·have made up lies about me [smear me with lies],
    but I will ·follow [keep; protect] your ·orders [precepts] with all my heart.
70 ·Those people have no feelings [L Their hearts are gross and fat],
    but I ·love [delight in] your ·teachings [instructions; laws].
71 It was good for me to ·suffer [be humbled]
    so I would learn your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
72 ·Your teachings [L The instructions/laws of your mouth] are ·worth more to [better for] me
    than thousands of pieces of gold and silver.

73 You made me and ·formed [fashioned; or established] me with your hands.
    Give me understanding so I can learn your commands.
74 Let those who ·respect [fear; Prov. 1:7] you rejoice when they see me,
    because I put my hope in your word.
75 Lord, I know that your ·laws [judgments] are ·right [righteous]
    and that it was ·right [faithful] for you to ·punish [humble] me.
76 Comfort me with your ·love [loyalty],
    as you promised me, your servant.
77 ·Have mercy [L Let your mercy/compassion come] on me so that I may live.
    I ·love [delight in] your ·teachings [laws; instructions].
78 Make ·proud [arrogant] people ashamed because they ·lied about me [perverted me with lies].
    But I will ·think about [meditate on] your ·orders [precepts].
79 Let those who ·respect [fear; Prov. 1:7] you return to me,
    those who know your ·rules [decrees; testimonies].
80 ·Let me obey your demands perfectly [L May my heart be blameless in regard to your statutes/ordinances/requirements]
    so I will not be ashamed.

81 I ·am weak from waiting for you to save me [grow weak for your salvation/victory],
    but I hope in your word.
82 My eyes ·are tired from looking [grow weak] for your promise.
    I ask, “When will you comfort me?”
83 Even though I am like a wine bag in smoke [C shrunken and dried out],
    I do not forget your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
84 ·How long will I live [L Like what are the days of your servant]?
    When will you ·judge [perform judgment on] those who are ·hurting [pursuing] me?
85 ·Proud [Arrogant] people have dug pits [C to trap him].
    They ·have nothing to do with your teachings [L are not according to your teachings/instructions/laws].
86 All of your commands ·can be trusted [are reliable].
    Liars are ·hurting [pursuing] me. Help me!
87 They have almost put me in the ·grave [L earth],
    but I have not ·rejected [abandoned; forsaken] your ·orders [precepts].
88 Give me life ·by your love [L according to your loyalty]
    so I can ·obey [keep; guard] your ·rules [decrees; testimonies].

89 ·Lord, your word is everlasting [or The Lord is everlasting];
    ·it [L your word] ·continues forever [L is firm] in heaven.
90 Your ·loyalty [faithfulness; truth] will go on and on;
    you ·made [established] the earth, and it ·still stands [endures].
91 All things ·continue [endure] to this day because of your ·laws [judgments],
    because all things ·serve you [L are your servants].
92 If I had not ·loved [delighted in] your ·teachings [instructions; laws],
    I would have ·died [perished] ·from my sufferings [in my afflictions].
93 I will never forget your ·orders [precepts],
    because you have given me life by them.
94 I am yours. ·Save me [Give me victory].
    I ·want to obey [seek] your ·orders [precepts].
95 Wicked people ·are waiting [hope] to ·destroy me [make me perish],
    but I will ·think about [consider] your ·rules [decrees; testimonies].
96 Everything I see has its limits,
    but your commands ·have none [L are very broad].

97 How I love your ·teachings [instructions; laws]!
    I ·think about [ponder; meditate on] them all day long.
98 Your commands make me wiser than my enemies,
    because they are mine forever.
99 I am ·wiser [more insightful] than all my teachers,
    because I ·think about [ponder; meditate on] your ·rules [decrees; testimonies].
100 I have more understanding than the elders,
    because I ·follow [protect] your ·orders [precepts].
101 I have ·avoided [L kept my feet from] every evil way
    so I could ·obey [keep; guard] your word.
102 I haven’t ·walked [turned] away from your ·laws [judgments],
    because you yourself are my teacher.
103 ·Your promises are sweet to me [L How sweet your words slip/slide down my palate],
    sweeter than honey in my mouth!
104 Your ·orders [precepts] give me understanding,
    so I hate lying ways.

105 Your word is like a lamp for my feet
    and a light for my path [C it shows how life should be lived].
106 I ·will do what I have promised [L have sworn and confirmed it]
    and ·obey [keep; guard] your ·fair [righteous] ·laws [judgments].
107 I have suffered ·for a long time [or greatly].
    Lord, ·give me [spare my] life by your word.
108 Lord, accept my ·willing [offering of] praise
    and teach me your ·laws [judgments].
109 My life is always in ·danger [L my hand],
    but I haven’t forgotten your ·teachings [instructions; laws].
110 Wicked people have set a trap for me,
    but I haven’t ·strayed [wandered] from your ·orders [precepts].
111 ·I will follow your rules forever [L Your rules/decrees/precepts are my inheritance forever],
    because they make ·me [L my heart] happy.
112 I will ·try [L incline my heart] to do ·what you demand [L your statutes/ordinances]
    forever, until the end.

113 I hate ·disloyal [or double-minded] people,
    but I love your ·teachings [instructions; laws].
114 You are my hiding place and my shield;
    I hope in your word.
115 Get away from me, you who do evil,
    so I can ·keep [protect] my God’s commands.
116 ·Support [Uphold] me as you promised so I can live.
    Don’t let me be embarrassed because of my hopes.
117 ·Help [Strengthen] me, and I will ·be saved [have victory].
    I will always ·respect [care about] your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
118 You ·reject [treat as worthless] those who ·ignore [go astray from] your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements],
    because their lies ·mislead them [leave them in the lurch].
119 You throw away the wicked of the world like ·trash [dross].
    So I will love your ·rules [decrees; testimonies].
120 ·I [L My flesh] ·shake [shudder] in ·fear [dread] of you;
    I ·respect [fear] your ·laws [judgments].

121 I have done what is ·fair [just] and ·right [righteous].
    Don’t leave me to ·those who wrong me [my oppressors/exploiters].
122 ·Promise that you will help me, [L Stand as security for/Guarantee good for] your servant.
    Don’t let ·proud [arrogant] people ·wrong [oppress; exploit] me.
123 My eyes ·are tired from looking [fail; grow weak] for your ·salvation [victory]
    and for your good promise.
124 ·Show your love to me, your servant [Deal with your servant according to your love/loyalty],
    and teach me your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
125 I am your servant. ·Give me wisdom [Make me understand]
    so I can ·understand [know] your ·rules [decrees; testimonies].
126 Lord, it is time for you to do something,
    because ·people have disobeyed your teachings [L your teachings/instructions/laws have been broken].
127 I love your commands
    more than ·the purest gold [L gold, the finest gold].
128 I ·respect [or follow] all your ·orders [precepts],
    so I hate ·lying [false] ways.

129 Your ·rules [decrees; testimonies] are wonderful.
    That is why I ·keep [protect] them.
130 ·Learning [L Opening] your words ·gives wisdom [illuminates; gives light]
    and understanding for the ·foolish [immature; simpleminded].
131 ·I am nearly out of breath [L I crack/open my mouth and pant].
    I ·really want to learn [L long for] your commands.
132 ·Look at [L Turn to] me and have ·mercy [compassion] on me
    ·as you do [L as is your custom] for those who love ·you [L your name].
133 ·Guide my steps [L Steady my feet] as you promised;
    don’t let any ·sin [guilt] ·control [dominate] me.
134 ·Save [Redeem] me from ·harmful [L oppressive; exploitative] people
    so I can ·obey [keep; guard] your ·orders [precepts].
135 ·Show your kindness to [L Make your face shine on] me, your servant [Num. 6:24–26].
    Teach me your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
136 ·Tears stream [L Streams of water come down] from my eyes,
    because people do not ·obey [keep; guard] your ·teachings [instructions; laws].

137 Lord, you ·do what is right [are righteous],
    and your ·laws [judgments] are ·fair [virtuous; upright].
138 ·The rules [L Your decrees/testimonies] you commanded are ·right [righteous]
    and completely ·trustworthy [true; faithful].
139 ·I am so upset I am worn out [L My passion/zeal consumes; or silences me],
    because my ·enemies [foes] have forgotten your words.
140 Your promises are ·proven [refined],
    so I, your servant, love them.
141 I am ·unimportant [small] and ·hated [despised],
    but I have not forgotten your ·orders [precepts].
142 Your ·goodness continues forever [righteousness is an everlasting righteousness],
    and your ·teachings [instructions; laws] are ·true [faithful].
143 ·I have had troubles and misery [L Distress and pressure have found me],
    but I ·love [delight in] your commands.
144 Your ·rules [decrees; testimonies] are always ·good [righteous].
    ·Help [Make] me understand so I can live.

145 I call to you with all my heart.
    Answer me, Lord, and I will ·keep [protect] your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
146 I call to you.
    ·Save me [Give me victory] so I can ·obey [keep; guard] your ·rules [decrees; testimonies].
147 I ·wake up early in the morning [get up before dawn] and cry out.
    I hope in your word.
148 ·I stay awake all night [L My eyes awake in the watches of the night]
    so I can ·think about [meditate on] your promises.
149 ·Listen to me [L Hear my voice] because of your ·love [loyalty];
    Lord, ·give me [spare my] life by your ·laws [judgments].
150 Those who ·love evil [L pursue/persecute me with an evil plan] are near,
    but they are far from your ·teachings [instructions; laws].
151 But, Lord, you are also near,
    and all your commands are ·true [faithful].
152 Long ago I learned from your ·rules [decrees; testimonies]
    that you made them ·to continue [foundational] forever.

153 See my ·suffering [affliction] and rescue me,
    because I have not forgotten your ·teachings [instructions; laws].
154 Argue my case and ·save [redeem] me.
    ·Let me live [Spare my life] by your promises.
155 ·Wicked people are far from being saved [L Salvation/Victory is far from the wicked],
    because they do not ·want [seek] your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
156 Lord, ·you are very kind [L your compassion/mercies are abundant];
    give me life by your ·laws [judgments].
157 Many ·enemies [foes] ·are after [pursue; persecute] me,
    but I have not ·rejected [swerved from] your ·rules [decrees; testimonies].
158 I see those traitors, and I ·hate [loathe; am disgusted by] them,
    because they do not ·obey [keep; guard] what you say.
159 See how I love your ·orders [precepts].
    Lord, give me life by your ·love [loyalty].
160 ·Your words are true from the start [L The head of your word is true/faithful],
    and all your ·laws [judgments] will be ·fair [righteous] forever.

161 Leaders ·attack [pursue] me for no reason,
    but ·I fear your law in my heart [L my heart fears your words].
162 I ·am as happy over [delight in] your promises
    as if I had found ·a great treasure [much plunder].
163 I hate and ·despise [loathe] lies,
    but I love your ·teachings [instructions; laws].
164 Seven times a day I praise you
    for your ·fair laws [righteous judgments].
165 Those who love your ·teachings [instructions; laws] will find ·true peace [or much prosperity],
    and nothing will ·defeat them [make them stumble].
166 I am ·waiting [hoping] for ·you to save me [L your salvation/victory], Lord.
    I will ·obey [L do] your commands.
167 I ·obey [keep; guard] your ·rules [decrees; testimonies],
    and I love them very much.
168 I ·obey [keep; guard] your ·orders [precepts] and ·rules [decrees; testimonies],
    because ·you know everything I do [L all my ways are before you].

169 ·Hear my cry to you [L Let my shout of joy come near you], Lord.
    Let your word help me understand.
170 Listen to my ·prayer [supplication];
    ·save [protect] me as you promised.
171 Let ·me [L my lips] ·speak [bubble forth] your praise,
    because you have taught me your ·demands [statutes; ordinances; requirements].
172 Let ·me [L my tongue] sing about your promises,
    because all your commands are ·fair [righteous].
173 Give me your helping hand,
    because I have chosen your ·commands [precepts].
174 I ·want you to save me [L desire your salvation/victory], Lord.
    I ·love [delight in] your ·teachings [instructions; laws].
175 Let me live so I can praise you,
    and let your ·laws [judgments] help me.
176 I have ·wandered [gone astray] like a lost sheep.
    ·Look for [Seek] your servant, because I have not forgotten your commands.