ח Heth

57 You are my portion,(A) Lord;
    I have promised to obey your words.(B)
58 I have sought(C) your face with all my heart;
    be gracious to me(D) according to your promise.(E)
59 I have considered my ways(F)
    and have turned my steps to your statutes.
60 I will hasten and not delay
    to obey your commands.(G)
61 Though the wicked bind me with ropes,
    I will not forget(H) your law.
62 At midnight(I) I rise to give you thanks
    for your righteous laws.(J)
63 I am a friend to all who fear you,(K)
    to all who follow your precepts.(L)
64 The earth is filled with your love,(M) Lord;
    teach me your decrees.(N)

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