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God’s Work with Israel

105 O give thanks to the Lord. Call on His name. Make His works known among the people. Sing to Him. Sing praises to Him. Tell of all His great works. Honor His holy name. Let the heart of those who look to the Lord be glad. Look for the Lord and His strength. Look for His face all the time. Remember the great and powerful works that He has done. Keep in mind what He has decided and told us, O children of His servant Abraham, O sons of Jacob, His chosen ones! He is the Lord our God. What He has decided is in all the earth.

He has remembered His agreement forever, the promise He made to last through a thousand families-to-come, the agreement that He made with Abraham, and His promise to Isaac. 10 He gave it to Jacob as a Law, to Israel as an agreement that will last forever. 11 He said, “I will give the land of Canaan to you as your share,” 12 when they were only a few men in number and were strangers in it. 13 They went from nation to nation, from the people under one king to the people under another. 14 He did not allow anyone to hold power over them. And He spoke sharp words to kings because of them. 15 He said, “Do not touch My chosen ones. And do not hurt those who speak for Me.”

16 Then He called for a time of no food on the land. He cut off all their bread. 17 He sent a man, Joseph, before them who was sold as a servant. 18 They hurt his feet with chains. He was put in irons, 19 until what he had said would happen came to pass. The Word of the Lord tested him. 20 The king sent and had him taken out of prison. The ruler of many people set him free. 21 He made him the lord of his house and ruler over all he had. 22 He could punish the rulers as he pleased. And he taught wisdom to the wise. 23 Then Israel also came into Egypt. So Jacob stayed in the land of Ham. 24 And He made the number of His people grow until they were stronger than those who held power over them.

25 He turned their hearts to hate His people and to make plans against His servants. 26 He sent Moses, His servant, and Aaron whom He had chosen. 27 They did His great works for them to see, powerful works in the land of Ham. 28 He sent darkness and made the land dark. They did not fight against what He told them to do. 29 He changed their water into blood, so their fish died. 30 Their land became covered with frogs, even in the rooms of their kings. 31 He spoke and there came many flies all over their land. 32 He gave them hail instead of rain, and lightning like fire in their land. 33 He destroyed their vines and fig trees and the trees of their country. 34 He spoke and the locusts came. There were too many to number. 35 They ate up all the plants in their country. They ate all the fruit of their land. 36 He killed all the first-born in their land, the first fruits of all their strength.

37 Then He brought Israel out with silver and gold. And there was not one weak person among their families. 38 Egypt was glad when they left. For they had become afraid of Israel. 39 He spread a cloud for a covering, and fire to give light at night. 40 They asked, and He brought them quails for meat. And He filled them with the bread of heaven. 41 He opened the rock and water flowed out. It flowed in the desert like a river. 42 For He remembered His holy Word with Abraham His servant. 43 And He brought His people out with joy, His chosen ones with singing. 44 He gave them the lands of the nations. They were given what others had worked for, 45 so that they might do what He told them and keep His Law. Praise the Lord!