Prayer of an Afflicted Man for Mercy on Himself and on Zion.

A Prayer of the afflicted when he is weak and [a]pours out his complaint before the Lord.

102 (A)Hear my prayer, Lord!
And let my cry for help (B)come to You.
(C)Do not hide Your face from me on the day of my distress;
(D)Incline Your ear to me;
On the day when I call (E)answer me quickly.
For my days (F)have ended in smoke,
And my (G)bones have been scorched like a hearth.
My heart (H)has been struck like [b]grass and has (I)withered,
Indeed, I (J)forget to eat my bread.
Because of the [c]loudness of my groaning
My (K)bones [d]cling to my flesh.

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  1. Psalm 102 Title Ps 142:2
  2. Psalm 102:4 Lit herbage
  3. Psalm 102:5 Lit voice
  4. Psalm 102:5 Lit have cleaved

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