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Book Four

There are endless reasons to praise God, and many of them are included in the Book of Psalms. Book Four (Psalms 90–106) is made up of songs that praise and celebrate God for His creation, strength, work in history, and kingship. Although these songs are written to honor God, many require something from us. Throughout these psalms is the Hebrew word hallelujah, translated “Praise the Eternal!” That’s not just a passive verb, as in, “Praise be to the Eternal”; it’s an active imperative! We are commanded to praise Him. We are commanded to join angels above, people below, and all creatures in praising Him!

Psalm 90

A prayer of Moses, a man of God.

Lord, You have always been our refuge.
    Our ancestors made You their home long ago.
Before mountains were born,
    before You fashioned the earth and filled it with life,
    from ages past to distant futures,
    You are truly God.

You turn people back to dust,
    saying, “Go back to the dust, children of Adam.”
For You a thousand years is like a day when it is over,
    a watch during the night;
    there is no difference to You.

5-6 You release the waters of death to sweep mankind away in his slumber.
    In the morning, we are blades of grass,
Growing rapidly under the sun but withering quickly;
    yet in the evening, we fade and die, soon to be cut down.

For Your anger has consumed us.
    Your wrath has shaken us to the core
    and left us deeply troubled.
You have written our offenses before You—
    the light of Your presence shines brightly on our secret sins,
    and we can’t run or hide.

For all our days are spent beneath Your wrath;
    our youth gives way to old age, and then
    one day our years come to an end with a sigh.
10 We may journey through life for 70 years;
    some may live and breathe 80 years—if we are strong.
Yet our time here is only toil and trouble;
    soon our days are gone, and we fly away.
11 Who can truly comprehend the power unleashed by Your anger?
    Your wrath matches the fear that is due to You.
12 Teach us to number our days
    so that we may truly live and achieve wisdom.

13 How long will we wait here alone?
    Return, O Eternal One, with mercy.
    Rescue Your servants with compassion.
14 With every sun’s rising, surprise us with Your love,
    satisfy us with Your kindness.
    Then we will sing with joy and celebrate every day we are alive.
15 You have spent many days afflicting us with pain and sorrow;
    now match those with years of unspent joy.
16 Let Your work of love be on display for all Your servants;
    let Your children see Your majesty.
17 And then let the beauty and grace of the Lord—our God—rest upon us
    and bring success to all we do;
    yes, bring success to all we do!

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