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82 The psalm of Asaph. God stood in the synagogue of gods; forsooth he deemeth gods in the middle. (The song of Asaph. God standeth in the council of heaven; and he judgeth among the gods.)

How long deem ye (with) wickedness; and take the faces of sinners? (And he saith, How long shall ye judge wickedly; and make exceptions for sinners?)

Deem ye to the needy man, and to the motherless child; justify ye the meek man and poor. (Judge ye for the needy, and for the motherless; give ye justice to the weak, and to the poor.)

Ravish ye out a poor man; and deliver ye a needy man from the hand of the sinner. (Rescue ye the poor and the needy; save ye them from the power of sinners.)

They know not, neither understand, they go in darknesses; all the foundaments of earth shall be moved. (But ye know not, nor do ye understand, that ye go in darkness; and that all the foundations of the earth have been shaken.)

I said, Ye be gods; and all ye be the sons of the high God. (And I said, Ye be gods; and ye all be the sons of the Most High God.)

But ye shall die as men; and ye shall fall down as one of the princes. (But ye shall die like men die; and ye shall fall like any of the princes, or the leaders.)

Rise, thou God, deem thou the earth; for thou shalt have heritage in all folks. (Rise up, O God, and judge thou the earth; for all the nations shall be thy inheritance.)