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The Nation Cries for Jerusalem

A psalm of Asaph [C a Levitical musician, a descendant of Gershon, at the time of David; 1 Chr. 6:39; 15:17; 2 Chr. 5:12].

79 God, nations have come against your ·chosen people [L inheritance].
    They have ·ruined [profaned] your holy Temple.
    They have turned Jerusalem into ·ruins [a dump; 2 Kin. 25:9–10].
They have given the bodies of your servants as food to the ·wild birds [L birds of the sky/heavens].
They have given the ·bodies [L flesh] of ·those who worship you [your faithful ones; saints] to the wild animals [Jer. 34:20].
They have spilled blood like water all around Jerusalem.
    No one was left to bury the dead.
We are a ·joke [reproach; scorn] to the ·other nations [L residents];
    ·they [L the people around us] ·laugh [ridicule] and make fun of us.

Lord, how long?
    Will you be angry forever?
    How long will your jealousy burn like a fire?
·Be angry with [L Pour out your wrath on] the nations that do not know you
    and ·with [or on] the kingdoms that do not ·honor you [L call on your name].
They have ·gobbled up [devoured] the people of Jacob
    and ·destroyed [desolated] their ·land [pasturage].
Don’t ·punish us for our past sins [L remember our former guilt].
    Show your ·mercy [compassion] to us soon,
    because we are ·helpless [very low]!
God our ·Savior [Victor], help us
    ·so people will praise you [L for the glory of your name].
·Save [Protect] us and ·forgive [atone for] our sins
    ·so people will honor you [L for your name].
10 Why should the nations say,
    “Where is their God?”
·Tell [Inform] the other nations ·in our presence [L before our eyes]
    that you ·punish [avenge] ·those who kill your servants [L the blood of your servants that has been poured out].
11 ·Hear the moans of the prisoners [Let the groans of the prisoner come before you].
    Use your great ·power [L arm]
to save those ·sentenced [doomed] to die.

12 Repay ·those around [L into the bosom of those around] us seven times over
    for their ·insults to [reproach/scorn of] you, Lord.
13 We are your people, the sheep of your ·flock [pasture].
    We will ·thank [praise] you always;
·forever and ever [from generation to generation] we ·will praise you [L recount your praise].