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Adonai Magen

Psalm 7

A passionate song of David, which he sang to Adonai concerning Cush, a Benjamite.
Adonai my God, in You I have taken refuge.
Save me from each of my persecutors, and deliver me.
Otherwise he will rip me apart like a lion,
with no one to rescue me.
Adonai my God, if I have done this—
if there is guilt on my hands,
if I have paid back evil to anyone at peace with me,
or unjustly attacked my adversary,
then let the enemy chase me,
overtake me, and trample me into the ground,
leaving my honor in the dirt! Selah

Arise, Adonai, in Your anger,
    arise against the fury of my enemies!
Awake for me!
You decreed justice.
Let an assembly of peoples gather around You
and return on high, above them.
Adonai judges the peoples.
Vindicate me, Adonai,
    according to my righteousness and integrity in me.
10 Please, end the evil of the wicked
    and sustain the righteous.
A just God examines hearts and minds.
11 My shield is God—
Savior of the upright in heart.
12 God is a righteous judge,
a God who is indignant every day.

13 If He does not relent,
He will sharpen His sword.
He has bent His bow and made it ready.
14 He prepares His own deadly weapons.
He makes His fiery arrows.
15 Look! The one pregnant with trouble conceives mischief
and brings forth deceit.[a]
16 He digs a pit, scrapes it out,
and then falls into the hole he has made.
17 His mischief will turn on his own head.
His violence will boomerang on his crown.

18 I will praise Adonai for His justice.
I sing praise to the Name of Adonai Elyon!


  1. Psalm 7:15 cf. Jacob 1:15.