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Psalm 66

For the worship leader. A song.

Shout out to God, all the earth.
    Erupt with joy to the one True God!
Sing of the glory due His name!
    Offer Him the most magnificent praises!
Say to God, “All You have done is wondrous and causes fear!
    Your power is mighty, and Your enemies pretend to submit to You.
The entire earth will bow down to worship You
    and will sing glory-songs to You;
    they will sing praises to Your name!


Come and witness the True God’s endless works.
    His miraculous deeds done on behalf of humanity inspire fear.
He transformed the sea into dry land;
    our people passed through the river on foot!
Rejoice in Him; celebrate what He did there!
By His great might, He rules forever;
    His eyes watch over all the nations,
    so no one should go up against Him.


Everyone, bless our True God!
    Let praise-filled voices be heard near and far—at home and on foreign soil!
Praise the One who gives us life and keeps us safe,
    who does not allow us to stumble in the darkness.
10 For You have put us to the test, O God;
    You have refined us as silver is refined.
11 You trapped us with a snare;
    You have laid upon our backs a heavy burden.
12 You allowed us to be conquered and let our enemies run over us.
    We journeyed through dangers, through fire and flood,
But You led us finally to a safe place, a land rich and abundant.

13 I will come into Your temple with burnt offerings;
    I will fulfill my promises to You—
14 The oaths that parted my lips
    and were promises my mouth freely made when I was suffering and in anguish.
15 I will bring You my sacrifices—plump beasts
    and the sweet smoke of consecrated rams—
I will also offer You bulls and goats.


16 Come and listen, everyone who reveres the True God,
    and I will tell you what He has done for me.
17 I cried out to Him with my mouth,
    and I praised Him with my tongue.
18 If I entertain evil in my heart,
    the Lord will not hear me.
19 But surely God has heard me;
    He has paid attention to the urgency of my request.

20 May the True God be blessed,
    for He did not turn away from my prayer
    nor did He hold back His loyal love from me.


  1. 66:4 Literally, selah, likely a musical direction from a Hebrew root meaning “to lift up”

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